Make a Home-made Wreath

The base of your wreath is its support structure, so you want to make it sturdy. You can use fresh vines cut from your yard or old wire coat hangers. (Note: you will want to use fresh vines to bend them without breaking, but you will have to hang them to dry before decorating. Turn them every couple of days to prevent warping.) Braid multiple lengths loosely together, leaving plenty gaps, and twist into a circle about 18 to 24 inches in diameter. You can use more wire or vines to wrap around and secure the circle. Turn any loose ends into the gaps in your wreath.

Here comes the fun part… Decorating! Brightly colored leaves and branches are most commonly used, along with acorns, pine cones, berries and feathers. Use any materials that you can wrap or glue on there to make it truly unique. Have some decorating ribbon left over, or old unused jewelry? Weave things in and out of your wreath base for added support and a genuine look. Remember, a wreath is just a circle – your wreath is what you make with your personal touch!