This Week At The Farmers Market by Charlene LeJeune

LOLA Deux, LOLA Restaurant's food truck
LOLA Deux, LOLA Restaurant’s food truck

Hi, friends and happy Tuesday! Wednesday is fast approaching and with it, Market Day! Make it a date to come and enjoy the sunshine with us tomorrow. There’ll be some good eats out there along with good music and good friends. You’ll be glad you did.
Mr. Houston and Terese wanted me to let you all know that they are very grateful for your thoughts, prayers and well wishes. He is doing much better. I know he can’t wait to get back; he really enjoys being at the market.
With Three Rivers Festival a distant memory and Thanksgiving close on our heels, we look forward to taking a little break before the “merriment” of the holidays begins. Keenan Knight will be in the gazebo this Saturday making music. So grab a steaming cup of coffee and a couple of big fat cookies and spend the morning with us. Keith and Nealy Frentz and the fabulous Lola Deux Food Truck will be serving their usual deliciousness and you know you don’t want to miss that.
I know it’s still a few weeks away but have you thought about your Thanksgiving meal yet? I didn’t think so. So here are a few suggestions. A break from tradition can find one of Justin Pitts’ pleasantly plump ducks in your turkey pan. They will be ready by Thanksgiving (get your name on one, supply is limited.) Sweet Potatoes glazed with Althee’s Kumquat Marmalade makes a great side dish.
Not the best cook? Let Nanette (Real Food for Real People) fix a healthy version of your normal holiday menu. You just tell her what your family likes and she will build you a scrumptiously healthy meal. Is it really that easy? With the weather turning chilly, Southy’s Soups add a warm comfort to any meal. Order ahead so you can choose your favorite soup – White beans & Greens, Roasted Sweet Potato, Broccoli, Pumpkin… and a fresh bread to enjoy with it. Suzie (Windfield Farms) and Lena (7Grain) have a nice variety from which to choose. Warm it in your oven and serve with Mauthe’s lusciously creamy butter (margarine is not good enough for these breads) or a dollop of Lena’s lemon curd. Yes, it can be that easy.
The girls at Windowsill Pies are planning an Amaretto Pear & Dried Cherry Pie with a leaf lattice topping for the holidays. I know…my mouth is watering too. Kombucha Girl is working on special holiday blends to include cranberry, chocolate chicory bitters and a plum bitters. I’m amazed every time I walk over that way at the ingenuity of these ladies.
Chomper’s BBQ is new to the Saturday market. If you have been enjoying their delicious pulled pork on Wednesday, you will enjoy the opportunity to get a jar of that delightful bbq sauce or one of their meat rubs. I know it’s still early but bbq sauce would certainly solve any issues with leftover turkey (and I’ve heard it’s incredible over vegetables as well!) Leftovers will never be the same again. Don’t just think leftovers, think about that sauce on chicken (James, John) or hamburgers (Justin, Jubilee Farms). Mmmmm. Mmmm.
Since you’re taking a break, you can pick up a dozen eggs and some of Hot Tamale Mama’s cheese grits for Sunday breakfast. Toasted bread, spread with butter and a spoonful of Althee’s mayhaw jelly or splash of Blood River Creamed Honey and you’re in breakfast heaven.
I can never report on everything we have to offer at the market. You’ll have to come and see for yourself. We’ll be here as always, with smiles on, and a bountiful harvest. We’d love to see you.
Lots of love,
Charlene LeJeune
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