CW Economic Development Educational Series: How Major Economic Development Occurs In St. Tammany Parish, Part 2

GNO IncI sent the following list of questions to GNO, Inc. via e-mail:  I know Mr. David Fennelly (GNO, Inc. Board Member) through the St. Tammany Art Association, and I have volunteered my musical time for New Heights Therapy Center.  Summer Grove is beautiful, and if you have been there, you know what I am talking about.  It is a perfect example of why people love north shore living.

With regard to regional economic development, there is a great amount of evidence to support emerging renewable industries such as solar and industrial hemp, and  several states have written industrial hemp clauses into their farm bills.  What specifically is GNO, Inc. doing to explore and implement emerging renewables?

How would you describe your working relationship with the Bureau of Governmental Research and the Northshore Business Council?

The Northshore Business Council has formal research indicating that St Tammany is best suited for heavy industry and defense industry contracting.  I find this to be very incongruent with the subsequent messages of natural beauty and healthy lifestyles on the Northshore, and in fact I find it contradictory.  I am curious about GNO, Inc.’s position regarding heavy industrial operations on the Northshore.

I viewed a chart from your (GNO, Inc.) website, the “Ugly” chart — is this an acronym, or was it named as such because it is visually unappealing?

Are there mechanisms in place to prevent cross pollination of board members from boards of other orgs.?

Does GNO, Inc. pay excise tax? (see Conflict of Interest)

We are currently waiting to receive a response.  Incidentally, it was announced Monday afternoon that Governor Bobby Jindal would delay signing Senate Bill 469 at the request of the State Attorney General.

The self titled "Ugly Chart" from GNO Inc.'s website
The self titled “Ugly Chart” from GNO Inc.’s website,

Timothy Gates, Correspondent, Covington Weekly