Plumbing Tips For Clogged Drains From Local Goodbee Plumbing, Inc

Goodbee Plumbing IncSometimes things get poured into sinks that can cause severe plumbing problems. Avoid pouring insecticides, household paint, gasoline, acids, kerosene or any toxic chemicals down the drain. They are hard on your drains and pipes, and make the treatment of sewage more difficult. Harsh chemicals may also damage your water treatment system, which will increase operating costs.

Other clog causes include: kitchen grease, rags, paper towels and sanitary napkins. Excess hair clogs drains and pipes. Use a strainer in the tub, shower and bathroom sink to keep hair out of your drains and pipes. Large clumps of tissue paper dissolve too slowly, causing clogs.

Stay away from liquid drain cleaners (Liquid Plumber, Drano, etc.). The acidic ingredients are trapped in your pipes, and it can cause severe damage to them. The best method to relieve a clogged drain is with a plumbing snake. If you can’t snake the drain yourself, be sure to call a licensed plumber. Goodbee Plumbing: 985-898-1883

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