Goodbee Plumbing Inc Offers Solutions for Drainage Problems

RootX pipesDo you have slowly flowing drains, or experience gurgling noises from your toilet? You may have roots from a nearby tree or shrub growing in your pipes. The roots are drawn to the hot, nutrient rich gases emitted by cracks or loose joints in sewage pipes. They then seep into the pipes, thriving in the climate. If left unchecked, they will form thick hair-like mats of roots. The concurring damage results in costly repairs and often times digging up sewer pipelines.

Goodbee Plumbing Inc offers several solutions in addressing root invasion concerns. A video plumbing inspection can be performed to determine what may be causing a blockage. If it is in fact roots, Goodbee Plumbing Inc provides professional root removal using RootX. It is recommended that treatment be continued annually to maintain buildup. RootX is non-caustic, non-fumigated and non-systemic, and will not harm pipes, septic systems or above ground vegetation. Goodbee Plumbing Inc also offers high pressure water jetting for clearing debris from pipes and drains.

Goodbee Plumbing Inc services residential and commercial, providing personal attention and excellent customer satisfaction to a majority of the St. Tammany and Tangipahoa areas. Goodbee Plumbing Inc is licensed, insured and Back-Flow certified, with over 18 years of plumbing experience. You can depend on Goodbee Plumbing Inc to get the job done right, and to “clean your drain, not your wallet!”

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