In Memorium: The Legacy of Frank “Rusty” Burns

Frank “Rusty” Burns was a whistleblower for upper level sexual misconduct in the parish before the term was even a thing. Mr. Burns passed in 2012, and he maintained several websites related to information that he, for one reason or another, wanted public. The websites disappeared over time. In light of the vanishing taboos on a necessary discussion of sexual abuse, here is the text of Mr. Burns websites in their entirety. This document contains adult themes including sexual abuse and speculation on two of St. Tammany’s notorious unsolved murders:

“I challenge Judge Green to submit to a polygraph. I will pay all expenses involved. If he passes it, I will do one of two things. I will give him $10,000.00 or I will write a check for $10,000.00 to the charity of his choice. Otherwise, he should resign!” Leroy “Tim” Young – (Green Never Responded)

“I too challenge Green. I will take a polygraph with Green and if I fail, I will give charity $10,000.00. If he fails, he resigns and publicly apologizes to the judicial and the many children and families he has hurt or destroyed!” Rusty Burns – (Green Never Responded)

September 27, 2007, I received a call from my web hosting provider. They informed me that Green, through his attorney Steven Bullock, requested that they “take down” my site as Green found it “objectionable”. This is the first response from Green since the inception of this page (March 24th); other than my call from Reggie Badeaux. I appreciate the request as an attempt to censor free speech and to intimidate this firm into altering my content. Everything stated on this site is factual and will remain posted. He also wrote to “Register.Com”, attempting to disrupt access to this information and to no avail.
A little late for a defense Green!
If you object to my site, sue me so I can tell everyone, under oath, every detail of your abuse.

Judge Badeaux requested that I terminate this website as, “Green looked bad and he was concerned for his health”. He never asked how I felt or showed any concern for the victims of Green’s sexually biased decisions. He said, “Larry was sorry for what he did and remorseful”. I forgave Green and trimmed the site.

It is time to address serious issues that plague the judiciary, and specifically the scenario this website has addressed or invoked. It is time for accountability, integrity, honor, ethical conduct, and competence; all to be fully restored. Many lives have been damaged or destroyed by egotistical judges, and implementation of their private agendas. We have allowed a manifestation of power outside of the courtroom and an abuse of the definition of judicial power inside. This is very wrong! A judge is not a king. He is a public servant that is charged by oath to administer law established by the people; and nothing more. Any flaw of integrity undermines that process and ethical conduct is our only gauge of trust. No one but God is perfect, but we should demand absolute adherence of these basic principles. – Rusty Burns

The Ethical Conduct statement invoked emails and phone calls encouraging me to restore the site as they felt Green should not be a judge. I heard from social workers, OCS and CASA workers, attorneys, and families that were damaged or destroyed by Green’s decisions. The writings were reposted, the WTIX interview was added, and Leroy Young has offered $10,000.00 for charity if Green will take a polygraph.


My name is Leroy Young and I was involved in a custody case before Judge Larry Green in the early 90’s. Judge Green ruled against me, ignoring testimony from various people, including his own court appointed expert, Dr. Peter Clark. My attorneys cited over 60 examples of behavior by Judge Green that we believed to be biased and unacceptable. In the end we lost our appeals and as anyone who has been through this type of thing knows, a judge has a “great deal of discretion”.

During the time my case was before Judge Green I filed complaints with the Judiciary Commission. I furnished them with information about my case and other cases, information that I was sure would lead to a suspension of Judge Green or worse. As is the case with many people who have filed similar complaints, the Judiciary Commission did nothing. I did everything within the system to have Judge Green held accountable for his actions.

During this time period, Judge Green decided he had had enough of me. On February 24, 1995 he filed a false police report and had me arrested for “stalking” him. In that Police Report, he alleged that I had been in front of his home in a Mercury Zephyr and he furnished the police with the description, tag number, etc. He also alleged that I had made numerous crank calls to him and that I had appeared in his courtroom on numerous occasions when I was not docketed.

All of that was proven false at trial. Testimony by several witnesses, including Judge Green himself, was that I had never spoken to Judge Green out side of his courtroom. Testimony showed that the car that Judge Green saw me in at his home had been destroyed 1 year before this. There was proof beyond any doubt that the car had been destroyed. This proof included testimony by the owner of the salvage yard and a representative of the Louisiana Department of Public Safety. Testimony showed that I had only been in Judge Green’s courtroom on one occasion when I was not docketed and that I did not speak to him. The only time that I ever spoke to Judge Green was on the record in a public hearing.

Be that as it may, I was convicted of stalking. We appealed and the case went all the way to the Louisiana State Supreme Court. I was acquitted in a unanimous decision. From 1996 until this past year I tried to sue Judge Green for damages in civil court. The case went through a lengthy appeals process. The 1st Circuit Court of Appeal ruled that I could bring Judge Green to trial. He appealed it again and the Louisiana State Supreme Court finally ruled against me killing any chance I had to hold Judge Green accountable.

I have alleged many things against Judge Green. Those include giving false testimony under oath, filing a false police report, releasing confidential Judiciary Commission Documents, etc. I have challenged Judge Green and his attorney, David Paddison to sue me if any of my statements are false. I offered from the beginning to take a polygraph test and that offer still stands. But I want to go farther than that today. I challenge Judge Green to submit to a polygraph. I will pay all expenses involved. If he passes it, I will do one of two things. I will give him $10,000.00 or I will write a check for $10,000.00 to the charity of his choice. Otherwise, he should resign!

I also invite Judge Green, no, I beg Judge Green to file suit against me today if the allegations I have made are not true. I look forward to having this where it belongs, in a court of law, so the public can be made aware of what he has done to this community over the years.

Excerpts from
a series of writings

January 31, 2007
Judiciary Commission of Louisiana

I was sexually abused by Larry Green while in high school. One night after dinner he asked me to return after taking my girl friend home, which I did. After more alcohol, Green told me that he wanted to give me some of his old shorts, and that I needed to try them on. When I began to undress in the hallway of his old house, he slowly approached me as if to check the fit. It was no time at all before he was performing oral sex on me. The alcohol and implied trust impeded my judgment, and I regretfully allowed the act. This was repeated multiple times and within a few weeks. Thereafter, I strongly rejected his encroachment, and from that point forward just ignored that it had taken place. Later, and while we owned a boat together, he made another attempt, which greatly infuriated me. I actually pushed him out of a swing onto the deck of the boat. Another time, as I was standing on the rail of the boat speaking with someone on the upper deck, he put his hand up my suit. I became livid, immediately returning the boat to the slip. Without even securing the vessel, my girl friend (my present wife) and I left and within three miles, I flipped the automobile after a high-speed fury. We were both taken to the hospital and fortunate that our injuries were minor. The reason for my uncontrollable anger has never been revealed until this writing.

Judge Larry Green
Hiding Behind His Robe . . . . . . . . .

Green made another attempt after my marriage, and before his. Again, there was hostile rejection from me, which brought on open discussion between my wife and Larry as to why he felt as he did. Larry actually told her about his homosexuality at that time.

The last sexual approach Larry Green made on me was after he was married to Martha Currie. The four of us were returning from a party in New Orleans. My wife was driving, Martha was in the front seat, and Larry and I were in the back. To no surprise, we were both drunk. While crossing the causeway, Green reached over and attempted to fondle me. This could have been the end of this situation, as I became infuriated. It is a wonder that I did not throw him out of the moving auto and off the bridge. This was the end of our social friendship, even though there were sporadic attempts to rekindle the foursome. Again, I ignored the sexual abuses and even entered into a business relationship with Green and others at a later date, but our personal relationship was non-existent and/or volatile. After 1981, any possibility of a friendship was impossible.

Many in this community use the phrase, “I have always suspected”, or “someone told me”, when discussing Larry Green’s homosexuality. I am in a different position, in that “I personally know and have experienced”. Shortly after Larry’s first abuse, he introduced me to others who had the same desire as he. Larry introduced me to, an insurance agent and a local architect. Later it was Brady Fitzsimmons and an attorney from Mandeville. I was well aware that Green had an active homosexual relationship with these individuals as he openly discussed it. He also was hitting on a past college football player as well as his brother. There was a buddy from his military days from Texas, a college boy from Covington Country Club, a past school mate of mine, a neighboring principal’s son, a local feed store owners son, another young attorney, many from New Orleans including his best friend’s brother, and multiple individuals he met through a local theater group in Covington. He was also a member of a homosexual club in New Orleans. I have personal knowledge that Green maintained his homosexual relationship with many well after his marriage and multiple up to this writing.

His wife, Martha Currie Green, has tried to cover for Larry. As I have told you through previous correspondence, my sisters asked Larry to participate in my father’s funeral years ago. Upon learning this, I called his home getting his wife Martha on the phone. In no uncertain terms, I told her that Larry was not going to do what he did to me during my high school years and also carry my father’s coffin. I also told her that I was ready to tell the Times Picayune all about Larry Green’s homosexual life. Needless to say, he did not show. In that he honored my request, I again ignored the past and did not address the issue.

Prior to Katrina and on multiple occasions, I was asked by an investigator of the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s office to testify against Green as he made a pass at one of their officers. I declined to do so, which was a mistake. I highly respect law enforcement and should have honored their request. The investigator is available to verify the request.

February 04, 2007
Judiciary Commission of Louisiana

In my letter of January 31, 2007, I was very specific. I turned my gut inside out to tell you what I know. My recall is very keen at present, and I would like to expand my notice to include the following:

Judge Larry John Green, between 1967 thru the mid 70’s, had a homosexual relationship with a New Orleans attorney named Graham who lived in the quarter and Larry stayed with him often. Graham died a number of years back of a strange illness. Another was a fellow law school classmate named “Hoot”, who in later years announced to a number of his friends and myself at a party that he was bi-sexual. I actually caught them having sex one morning after a Tulane/LSU game, opening the wrong bedroom door. Third, was a Tulane medical student, who now lives in St. Tammany. Another bizarre situation was around 1968-72. Larry had a friend named Guy Curtis that was a jailor in a neighboring Parish. This fellow actually brought two inmates to Covington one night and to a bar named the “Heritage”. Larry wanted to have sex with one and they went behind the building to do so. Guy and Larry were childhood friends. Another was a cousin of Larry’s, living across the street from his parent’s in Enon. Larry told me about his experiences with his cousin and also that his parents caught him in the act. As recall continues to produce, I will apprise you of my knowledge. There are more!

February 05, 2007 3:15 AM
Continuing the format of my February 04, 2007 letter, I remember the following:

In January of 1968, Larry asked another couple, and myself to share the rental of an apartment in the French Quarter, with Mardi Gras being the focus of the venture. Something happened within weeks between the couple and Larry. They dropped out of the venture and accused Larry of bringing homosexual tricks to the apartment. We never really got into the dispute, or even understood what it was about until years later. Cathy and I were attending SLU at the time and only used the apartment on weekends. I learned in the past few weeks that Green was having a homosexual affair with the husband, and the couple later divorced.

Cathy and I invited a friend from North Carolina to join us for Mardi Gras. He was playing ball at the time and brought some of the other players along with him. At some point, my college bud passed out on the bathroom floor before getting into the shower. Larry either followed him in or saw an opportunity. To Larry’s surprise, I went in to use the facility, finding my friend naked on the floor with Larry standing over him. I questioned Larry heavily, as to what he was doing or had done. He denied touching him, but remarked as to his body. I told him to leave him alone and get out. I never addressed the issue with my friend. I can only hope nothing happened.

Larry has also maintained a homosexual relationship with another attorney named David; whom I think practiced in New Orleans at one time. David has a camp or bed & breakfast somewhere on the little Tchefuncta River, north of Covington. I have been told that Green and others join this attorney for group sex. When face to face, I will add the names and details. They include a past state representative, an abstractor from Covington, an attorney who has been sanctioned by the bar in the past for misusing escrowed funds, and an insurance agent mentioned before.

I have other information, but at this juncture, I would think you have heard enough. This is the end of show and tell.
At this time, it is difficult for me to explain how I could ignore the scope of Larry’s issues. Especially now that I have dredged the past over and over, and written page after page, I find it very embarrassing to think I was so tolerant and naive; and just put every thing aside. For that, I have absolutely no answer

February 22, 2007
I felt I had written to you my last time until a phone conversation with a Ms. Vilardo.

Vilardo was before Judge Green in a divorce case, and while under oath in a full courtroom, revealed a homosexual relationship between her husband and the Judge. According to her attorney, Green fell apart, started crying, left the bench, and eventually left the courthouse. She said it was total chaos, disturbing to the deputies, very revealing and embarrassing. Her attorney felt everything would be in the court record: Vilardo vs Vilardo. Green eventually recused himself from the case. Her attorney also mentioned another case where Green’s sexuality biased his decision. There was an investigator hired, and I spoke with him. His first response to my call totally enforced my claim.

Vilardo was interviewed by WTIX radio after her trial. She again testified as to the homosexual affair of her husband and Green and with great detail. The interview was taped, and available to the commission. She was also contacted by law enforcement after the interview regarding Green and another case. A tape of this interview has been mailed under separate cover.

Ms. Vilardo offered much more, but I feel it best that she relate her many traumatic experiences directly to your investigators. Unfortunately, she was not aware of the commission complaint process, nor did she have the financial ability to hire representation. There is much more, but I felt it important to get you these basic facts first.

July 24, 2006
Jury Coordinator
22nd Judicial District Court

I have been summoned for petit jury service beginning today. I do not feel that I could serve and my reasons are based on the following:

During my youth, Larry Green, your senior judge, sexually abused me. It has taken years for me to even allow these memories to fester, and almost impossible to address in writing. I maintain hostility and resentment toward Green, which I will take to my grave.

As per the attached correspondence, my experience with the 22nd judicial has been miserable. Brady Fitzsimmons deviously denied and/or obstructed my access to the justice system in a family matter. The 22nd judicial review committee, because of his actions, removed Fitzsimmons from my case. Unfortunately, at that point the damage was done. His directives established the demise of my parents and my productive life.

No one in this community has more respect for the system than I do. I have worked on many political campaigns, and at all levels of government. I have also served on the grand jury, which opportunity I performed with great pride. Ever since I received my summons for petit jury I have felt compelled to serve, but my constant review of the past has resulted in this letter.

The two issues described above would totally pre-occupy my attention, and impede my ability to juror. I ask you to please excuse me from service.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Rusty Burns
Madisonville, Louisiana

I was called Monday afternoon by a friend close to the Judiciary Commission and told that Green was going to be allowed to complete his term, but they considered him a “lame duck”.
(An elected official still in office but not slated to continue)
Why Wait So Long?

Your predominate question has been Òwhy did I wait so long to bring my knowledge public and to break the friendship?” Green was fifteen years older than me and a chosen mentor by my family. The sexual abuse was induced by alcohol and ignored to cover my poor and young judgment. Every repeat attempt he made was met with anger and rejection, which eventually deteriorated our friendship. I discussed the abuse with four attorneys from 1981 thru 2001. I was not silent on the issue, just not public. As to the ownership of a boat, or a business transaction; all I can say is that he was ok as long as he left me alone.

Even though we consider ourselves responsible at 18 or 20, in my opinion we are still establishing basic principles to guide our lives. Youth decisions are usually made without reference and often flawed. Mine certainly was!

Now this is the tough part to explain:

It was not my intention to awake one morning and describe Green’s homosexual life. For many years, I have been dealing with the suspicion that a past 22nd judicial judge was possibly involved in the deaths of Margaret Coon and Lynn Nunez. Long before Katrina, law enforcement was reviewing my concepts with keen interest. I told the investigator how I met this judge, which was through Larry Green. He returned within one week requesting my assistance as, “Judge Green had hit on a deputy”. His request was repeated, but unfortunately I refused to assist. I was not prepared to confront the past. When I wrote to the Judiciary Commission the statute of limitations had run regarding Green’s assault.

Katrina hit, the investigator lost his home, resigned, and took another job. The process started over with a letter to the DA giving him very specific information, but he never responded. Months later I contacted a retired STPSO major and he offered an attentive ear. Within hours, he met with the Sheriff and his top staff and they asked me to contact Charlie Foti, Jim Letton, and the FBI Political Corruption Task Force. There were more meetings and the past was dredged and re-dredged, only opening the wound of Green’s abuse. The issue became paramount and discussed with retired judges, attorneys, law enforcement, and even Green’s priest. Twenty letters were written to the Judiciary Commission describing everything I knew, the sexual abuse, the deputy assault, and the issues from the bench. Green had every opportunity to intervene with an apology or complaint, but he chose to hide behind his robe. The comparison of Green’s actions and the commission’s response is absolutely disgraceful.

Green has been forgiven, but he should not be a judge! – Rusty Burns
Tuesday, March 31, 2009
Judge Larry Green Louisiana 22nd circuit court

I am starting this blog to hear from all the others out there who were victims of Judge Larry Green-Louisiana. My eyes were opened today with reading the website from Rusty Burns.
I have read others who have had their family, more essentially their children taken from them-mothers and children separated. So many lives effected by this unjust judge Larry Green. I was a victim of this, my story like many others seems unbelievable. How does a good loving mother, stay at home mother, who husband decides he doesn’t want to be married anymore-end up with nothing. Easy-corruption! From what I am reading on the site listed above, Larry Green’s indiscretions go far and deep. My ex, who has a history of drug use-documented drug use, was found guilty of simple assault against the mother of his children, also etoh abuse, and was almost never around to care for the children-how does somebody like this end up with sole custody?!? I thought this kind of thing only happened in 3rd world countries. This is the same judge who acquitted the ex of DWI charges. But let me back track, the court date for the DWI was postponed, postponed until Judge Larry Green rotated to the bench-and big surprise, acquittal. This is the same judge that handled our divorce, who found the ex not guilty of domestic battery on another occasion and the same judge who gave my ex our son. My son was only 6 at the time. I had to move out of state (because I was forced to sell the house) and move back with my parents because I had no place to go and was diagnosed with cancer-the same judge who denied me removing my son from the state of Louisiana. (my son was born in another state, we moved to Louisiana in November of 2001 and the ex filed for divorce 11/2003. My son was not a native of this state, and I was asking to relocate him back to his home state-I didn’t wanted to be separated from my little boy. Every time we went into court the deck was stacked against us. Judge Larry Green looked down from the bench at me with absolute disdain. I will not forget those evil green eyes glaring at me. I thought I was loosing my mind during this entire time, and the fact that I had cancer did not seem to be a factor. This man gave my ex everything he wanted on a silver platter. Just when you think it is always the men/dads who get screwed, think again. I was forced to sell my house, pay my own court costs, the ex took money we had in our checking account, and the ex also liquidated joint assets and they went into his own pocket as well. I had to borrowed money from my family to hire an attorney. I lost custody of my son, was denied to relocate him with me-and separate him from his sister-they were close, and she is from my first marriage. I did not receive alimony, and to throw salt in the wound I was made to pay child support-the cancer was not taken into consideration!!! Sound unbelievable-you bet! I write this and think, who ever is reading this must be thinking-she must be a bad mom. She is not sharing something with us. There was no history of drug use, rare alcohol consumption, zero affairs, non abusive, kind-this is me, so what is missing. Maybe what I am guilty of is being naive. I thought I would get a fair hearing and ruling. I was not the she devil asking for the whole shebang, I just wanted it to be fair. It caused me emotional stress, physical stress, my daughter having to be separated from her bro, having no money in the end from paying attorney costs, pure devastation, and the time without my son that I will never get back. There is no monetary amount that can be placed on the hell I went through, and I do not wish this on anybody. Now 3 1/2 years later, I find out that the judge Larry Green has a history of being bias towards the men that come to court-the judge is said to be homosexual (what he does in the bedroom that is consensual with adults is his own business-but when he brings his opinions and bias into a court of law, this is where-I take issue) The ex broke rule after rule and got away with it all. It was like a bad dream I just could not wake up from. I know there are others out there, I spoke with Rusty Burns, and he stated that there are so many others out there who have had their lives shattered from this #$&tard. Please share your story here. If there are pro bono attorneys out there who can help us, please step forward and serve justice. I know there is help out there, people who can help us. It is my understanding that that judge Larry Green vacated his seat and retired in 2007 because he was found out while presiding over a case where a divorce was and the wife explained that her ex was having relations with Judge Green. I would have brought a ticket to that one, had I known! This is all in Rusty Burns site-take a look and read. Larry Green you have ruined so many lives, and no justice was served. You were given the distinction of being a judge but you disgraced the judicial system, made a mockery of it-and got away with it thus far. I believe in God and Karma. I have come thus far and will continue to fight for my son. What brought me to my knees has only made me stronger and opened my eyes to what can really happen, no matter how absurd it sounds. It happened, I lived it, I survived, and I will prevail. God bless all of those who were hurt by Judge Larry Green, find the strength within to not give up, but rise up-make a stand. God sees all, he is not blind like lady justice. I implore you to pass this along to those who have had the misfortune of appearing in Judge Larry Green’s courtroom. I look forward to hearing from you all. Please get this out there.
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Excerpt from a letter to
the Judiciary Commission
August 25, 2004

After many years of contemplation and bewilderment, I have elected to come forward with a formal complaint against Brady Fitzsimmons. I have briefly described my miserable experience in the paragraphs below. Brady deprived me of access to the system. I feel that a fair court was not available to me because of his demeanor and directives. My attorneys felt the tools of justice were taken away. Even after he was removed from my litigation, his previous actions tainted my ability to prevail. Brady Fitzsimmons should not be in a position of judgment over anyone!

I have known Brady since the 70Õs, when he moved to St. Tammany. My wife and I socialized with he and his first wife and I was one of his first clients. In 1980, I testified against Dick Blossman in federal court when he was indicted for bank fraud. Brady was one of Dick’s advisors, and he strongly resented my testimony. This really upset my attorney at the time, as he felt Brady had no right to object to anyone offering testimony before a court of law.

A few years later, Brady was appointed to serve as an assistant district attorney under Walter Reed. During his employment, I was confronted with potential litigation from my estranged sisters over the control of a family corporation. They attempted to get the attention of the DA’s office, and Brady did his best to compliment them using other assistants to harass me rather than encouraging review. When brought to his attention, Walter Reed clearly and quickly saw the claim as frivolous, and terminated the involvement. Within a short time, Brady received a judgeship.

My sisters continued their pursuit, and filed a civil claim against me in the 22nd judicial, and the case was placed before Brady Fitzsimmons. Immediately, I discussed Brady’s past demeanor with Mary Devereux, my attorney, and she requested his recusal. Mary was shocked by his response. He told her, “that not only would he not recuse himself, but he wanted his shot at me.” He also told her that, “she should not represent me”. Mary was horrified. She knew at this point that her efforts would be for naught, and therefore, I elected to settle the case by surrendering my position. In essence, Brady denied me access to the system. There would be no such thing as a fair trail. I should have confronted the issue then, but no one knew what to do or they were afraid to do it.

Unfortunately, my surrender only brought more litigation and again before Fitzsimmons. This litigation was important, as it involved defending my parent’s control of another family corporation. Their livelihood was at stake. My sisters desperately wanted control, which my parents feared for many years. At the first hearing, I again settled rather than going before Brady, as he clearly exhibited his intentions to rule against me. In that a true court and fair judge was not available to me, I made many efforts to settle the litigation, but to no avail. Brady did everything he could at the next hearing to ridicule me in open court. He ruled against me and called for documents to be prepared and executed within two days. Neither attorney was available the following day to draft the settlement, or establish a time to execute final documents. On the third day, when Brady learned that documents were not final, he ruled me into his chambers, placed me in contempt, had a bailiff cuff and shackle me, placed me in the jury box of an on going trial, and then taken to jail. Salty Galvez, a local attorney was in Brady’s chambers at the time. Brady told Salty, “watch this, I am going to show you how the system works!” The jailor refused to honor his directives, as he knew me and was well versed on Brady’s abuse of the system. My attorney friends were appalled by his actions and one judge stopped his court to express his disappointment.

Dick Knight, senior member of the plaintiff firm was with Brady in chambers prior to every hearing. It was very discouraging to view them both walking out together as we entered the courtroom. Dick Knight was purported to be an administrator of a trust for Brady’s wife and kids called Tatoug, which if true created a major conflict of interest. Brady was not only exercising his own prerogative; he was enhancing his financial position by doing so.

At this juncture, I knew there was no possible way to prevail in the on going family litigation as long as Brady was my judge. My wife and I visited with Judge Clayton James, another 22nd judicial judge, relaying our experiences. He assured us that Brady would no longer handle our case, and he spoke with Mary Devereux and Butler after our meeting.

Brady was elected to the court of appeal with the full support of the legal community, as they wanted him out of the 22nd judicial. Unfortunately, my case was sent to the court of appeal, and therefore, back in Brady’s reach. Even though the decision did not bear his name, it fully protected the Dick Knight law firm from a major malpractice liability, and remanded my case back to the 22nd judicial for a new, but limited trial. It reeked of manipulation! Every attorney that reviewed the decision questioned the motive and structure.

I did not prevail in the family litigation, and therefore my parents lost as well. My father is now dead after years of torment, and my mother has been stripped of her home and all assets. I have lost everything as well. I specifically blame Brady Fitzsimmons for this scenario. His devious actions have destroyed my family.

Brady Fitzsimmons should not be in this position. He has abused the system, the public, and prevented his peers from practicing their profession. Brady is the most arrogant, egotistical and devious person I have ever known. He is strictly out for his own enrichment at the cost of anyone in his path.

My attorney made a statement to me one time, being; “the system works, if you leave it alone.” What a profound statement when repeated today!
“Read the papers, watch the media,… perhaps the biggest issue our judiciary faces today is integrity and professionalism on the bench” – Judge Brady Fitzsimmons, Court of Appeals Campaign flyer, 2004


Letter to the public Judicial Complaint Judiciary Commission Response

Deaths of Margaret Coon & Lynn Nunez

24 Email & Forum Responses

A past assistant district attorney is contacting retired law enforcement and past ADA’s suggesting they not talk about the murders. In my opinion, he is obstructing justice and only gathering information for his nervous friend. This man was an ADA when Margaret Coon was killed! He has been reported to the FBI. What is wrong with the truth after 20 years Harry??? Why is evidence missing that was your responsibility to preserve?

It is time to address serious issues that plague the judiciary, and specifically the scenario this website has addressed or invoked. It is time for accountability, integrity, honor, ethical conduct, and competence; all to be fully restored. Many lives have been damaged or destroyed by egotistical judges, and implementation of their private agendas. We have allowed a manifestation of power outside of the courtroom and an abuse of the definition of judicial power inside. This is very wrong! A judge is not a king. He is a public servant that is charged by oath to administer law established by the people; and nothing more. Any flaw of integrity undermines that process and ethical conduct is our only gauge of trust. No one but God is perfect, but we should demand absolute adherence of these basic principles. – Rusty Burns

Letter to the Public
September 2004

To the Voting Public,

I have filed a complaint with the Louisiana Judicial Review Commission against Judge Brady Fitzsimmons, candidate for re-election to the Court of Appeals. Fitzsimmons denied me access to the system and to a fair trail as both a district and appellate judge. He is now under the review of this commission.

My wife and I were social friends with Fitzsimmons and his first wife during the 70’s and I was one of his first clients when he started practicing law. In 1980, I testified for the United States government against Dick Blossman, a Covington banker who was under indictment for bank fraud. Fitzsimmons was Blossman’s advisor at the time and he resented my testimony. Brady expressed that resentment to my attorney and me during the trial.

In 1991, I was confronted with family litigation and Brady Fitzsimmons was on the 22nd judicial and assigned to my case. My attorney requested Judge Fitzsimmons to recuse himself based on the comments and demeanor expressed during the Blossman trial. Fitzsimmons told my attorney that, “he would not recuse himself”, and that, “he wanted his shot at me.” He further stated that, “my attorney should not represent me.” She was horrified and confronted with a no win scenario.

As the case progressed, Fitzsimmons took every opportunity to abuse me in open court and even put me in contempt of court. He had me hand cuffed, shackled and put in prison strips, and had me placed in the jury box during an on going trial by judge to humiliate me in public. He then sentenced me to 30 days in jail. I was released two hours later after Fitzsimmons was bombarded with public complaints. He was later removed from the case by the senior judge because of his actions. Unfortunately, he regained access to my case years later at the court of appeals level.

Brady Fitzsimmons should not be in a position to judge anyone! From my perspective, Fitzsimmons has abused the system and prevented his peers from practicing their profession without the fear of political manipulation.

Please Vote Against Judge Brady Fitzsimmons September 18, 2004.
Over 60,000 distributed in Sept, 2004
Email & Forum Responses
Deaths of Margaret Coon & Lynn Nunez


This is Incredulous!
Email: old friend of Lynn
Thu, 7 Jun 2007 12:10 pm

A past ADA is contacting past officials suggesting that they not talk about the murders? This is incredulous! This is proof POSITIVE that these cases are NOT unsolvable. This angers me beyond description. After twenty years why are they so upset? Who is being protected and why? I truly believe now more than ever that there IS a cover-up.

Citizens, it is time to speak up and demand that your public officials address this issue. How many other matters exist that you have not been made aware of? To those of you who have been approached by someone: Why have you not reported “Obstruction of Justice” to the FBI” Are you not aware that within a governmental body any such behavior is a federal offense? It is time to arm yourselves with courage and honor and speak out.

No Boundaries
Thu, 7 Jun 2007 2:01 pm

Hey Rusty I just saw the Fitzsimmons site. I had no idea about any of this but I am certainly not surprised, as there seems to be no boundaries when it comes to the 22nd district courthouse. It just saddens me to know that the innocence of our children is gone. I can remember growing up and feeling some sort of comfort knowing that I lived in America and that I was free and I had choices (I had a voice). This is not the case for the children of St. Tammany that have been affected by these evil-self-centered people that call themselves “JUDGES”. These children trust no one; police, attorney’s, teachers, social workers, judges, OCS., etc. . . . . . Then we wonder why!

All the citizens of St. Tammany should be concerned because one way or another it will affect EVERYONE. You all have the right and the duty to stop this now. We can’t sit back and allow this kind of behavior anymore. This goes for attorney’s, judges and all other court house employees that knowingly continue to protect injustice every single day.

Forum Posting NOLA
6/7/07 13:32 ET

There is definitely a cover-up. I say definitely because if it were not, they would not be so frightened by folks asking questions and thirsting for the truth. This is a case of criminal injustice if ever there was.

Shaking in his Shoes
Forum Posting NOLA
6/7/07 15:13 ET

Don’t you find that to be rather odd? It just points fingers at who they are trying to protect in my opinion.
If they are that brazen, someone is shaking in his shoes!

I Want to know Why
Forum Posting NOLA
6/7/07 19:59 ET

Two women from this area were MURDERED, and yet we are expected to ask no questions. How ridiculous is that? Those that are sworn to protect the public seem to have forgotten the main objectives of their jobs. I want to know why.

OMG – Is He A Judge?
Forum Posting NOLA
6/7/07 23:20 ET
It seems too many credible people (it seems) are pushing for the truth to be told.

Forum Posting: NOLA

You know, it really makes one wonder why discussion of 2 murders that are decades old cannot take place in public. Since when is it taboo here in our great nation to seek the truth.

No Question
Forum Posting: NOLA
6/8/07 14:26 ET

There is no question in my mind that the murder investigation of Margaret Coon has been manipulated and shelved for political reasons. Justice would be impossible without the assistance of the FBI, retired law enforcement, past ADA’s with backbone, and local citizens willing to stand up for what is right!

Forum Posting: NOLA
6/8/07 15:09 ET

does this pastuszek person have something to hide or is he just helping all the others in the cover-up? Seems to me that if these people had nothing to hide they would care less about what was being said on these boards!!!

FIGHT to end injustice!!!
Forum Posting: NOLA
6/8/07 20:46 ET

Yes, you are correct. Unfortunately, Margaret and Lynn were not the first and are certainly not the last. They are just the ones that most have become aware of. Injustice though has been going on for years in St. Tammany and has done great damage to many, many people. This is why it is so important for those who are willing and courageous enough to speak out and fight for those who are no longer alive to do so. We owe it to Margaret and Lynn to do what they would have done had they lived. FIGHT to end injustice!!!!

Email: Hostglobe
Sun, 10 Jun 2007 12:26 PM

Rusty, As you are aware, a number of concerned citizens have been discussing the murders on the N.O.L.A. Covington and St. Tammany forums since April. Suddenly it has become taboo. We have been having problems the last few days with some of our posts being deleted. We have been “snuffed out” also! The powers that be are pulling strings to shut people up. It seems evident that someone has a connection with either the administrator or a moderator of the forum. I am not upset as much as I am thrilled that we the citizens have raised enough concern that they would go to such lengths as to TRY to shut us up. I pray that SOMEONE (or more) is loosing sleep at last. Power is stronger than any drug known to man. These B*&%$#ds will do anything to preserve it.

Agree 100%
6/12/07 10:27 ET

I knew Margaret Coon and she was a exceptional Asst. D.A. These murders must be investigated. So many strange events and unanswered questions continue to surface. Like the news of Margaret’s cleaning lady found shot and ruled a suicide a few years ago. It is all so strange.

Email Received:
14 May 2007, 12:06 pm
Remembering Lynn

In remembering Lynn Vessier Nunez, I think of her kindness, amicable personality, and ability to face problems and hardships with absolute resolution. She was opinionated and had no fear of voicing her position on any issue.

Everyone I have spoken with about Lynn in the past nine years feels that her murder stemmed from or came directly from her job and or personal relations at the courthouse and judicial system. It was her “inside” knowledge that she paid the ultimate price for.

I strongly feel that there are others who have information that would be helpful in solving this case. Why will you not come forward? Are you frightened? Feel threatened? Or, are you simply lacking courage and conviction? How did the murderer know that she would be attending a wedding in N.O. that night and where she would be going afterward? Please examine your heart and come forward. Thank you.

Email Received:
14 May, 2007, 11:46am

In reference to the case of the murdered Assistant District Attorney Margaret Coon; Wasn’t she considering pursuing a Judgeship? And . . . . If my memory serves me correctly, Brady Fitzsimmons was with the D.A.’s office during the same time frame and did indeed successfully run for Judge. Hmmmm, thought provoking isn’t it?

Don’t you find it
5/15/07 14:17 ET

Absurd that A public figure such as an Assistant DA can be murdered 20 yrs. ago and it appears to have been a moot issue until recently. Why have there been no leads? Why was evidence treated so carelessly? Come on, we are not dealing with the Keystone Cops here, we are dealing with intelligent professionals who know how to conduct and investigation.

Citizens wake up! This smells rotten even to the simplest of us. There was another unsolved murder from the Courthouse, Lynn Nunez in March of 1998. Of course she was murdered in New Orleans. How convenient! They can blame thugs or drug addicts for that one. By the way, her murder is also unsolved! Talk it up people!
Let’s make them nervous!

I agree with you River —
5/15/07 16:14 ET

If my memory serves me correctly, that DA had a friend that left town shortly after the murder. Surely, they could have tracked her down by now to question her.

I remember that morning that she was murdered clearly. Of course, I did not realize there was a murder when I left my home to go to the McDonalds in Mandeville to get myself some breakfast that morning. I think it was around 6AM as I was getting onto 22 from where I lived. I found there was no traffic on Hwy 22 either way, except one car that was traveling quite fast towards Mandeville.

I really like to know who would do that to her. What type of person would use a knife? It was a very vicious kill, and I agree that the killer must be caught.

Coons killer revealed
5/16/07 17:12 ET

Margaret Coon was murdered by mistake! She was mistaken for the current lover of a notorious northshore lesbian who lived within walking distance of the murder scene. And, yes, the murderer was a female!!!!!
report to authorities?????
5/16/07 18:02 ET

So many times, I’ve lost track. Most recently about 2 weeks before Katrina. The “Cold Case” investigator for the STPSD at the time has apparently been dismissed from the force. Did he get too close??? P.S. I’ve reported it many times to Canulette’s office, Strain’s office and the office of Walter Reed.
They don’t want to know the truth.

5/16/07 18:24 ET

I knew Margaret Coon personally. Her murder was a complete shock to me and it remained a mystery for many years. An unrelated case revealed facts to me neither the DA’s office nor the STPSD wish to pursue for reasons known only to them. They know how to contact me if they wish to. Repeated requests for a Grand Jury investigation calling key witnesses under oath have fallen on deaf ears for 15 years.

Email Received:
Wed, 18 Apr 2007 10:45 PM

Rusty, I saw you “fishing” on the Covington Forum….well, here’s a nibble!!

I was born and raised in Covington. Lynn Nunez was one of my best friends since age six. A few days after becoming aware of and excited by your Larry Green Site I was visited by an old friend from Covington. When I asked her what she thought about it, she was unaware and when I mentioned Brady Fitzsimmons she said “WHAT
She told me that one reason she stopped by was to tell me that the week before she heard that Fitzsimmons was interrogated by the FBI regarding Lynn’s and Kuhn’s cases. Interesting or not?

I have always believed that Lynn’s murder was related to her job and courthouse relations. I admire you for having the courage to speak out. The wrong goose’s feathers have been ruffled and you are honking and nipping! Keep up the
good job as there are not enough men in today’s society who possess the courage and determination of our fore-fathers.

I don’t know much, but if I can be of assistance I am willing. I just can’t help but hope that we are a bit closer to seeing justice in Lynn’s death. This may not be safe, but WHATEVER!!

I remember the case
4/19/07 8:28 ET
Re: Murder of Margaret Coon

Thought it very unusual that someone associated with the justice system wasn’t more of a priority in being investigated. I mean if they found the wackos that killed the Mandeville woman on July 4th (Jaubert?) they should have some leads on this. It was always sad to see that her father came every year to check on the progress. Even when he was in bad health he would make the trip. Beau Chene was never as safe back then as they had you believe. The gate was mostly for show because there was other ways to get in from what people that lived there told me. Sure wish they would have this brought back in the media & maybe new technology would help. Why do we need a state of the art crime lab if the people in the system don’t do all they can to find evidence?

Forum Posting: NOLA
Crime & Safety
6/8/07 12:02 ET

Someone is whacking post about the Koon and Nunez murders.
I was in the middle of one when it all disappeared #1032. Looks like someone is a little concerned.

Earlier post quote and Harry Pastuszek trying to shut everyone up.
Any of the crime fighters care to make a comment?

Chatty Cat:
New Orleans

I certainly hope that the FBI does a better job than the local officials did.
Perhaps all this publicity will encourage them to re-open these cases.

NOLA Covington
Death of Nunez

” It is the prevailing consensus of all who knew her well that her death was associated with her job.”

Never Give up Hope
July 17, 2007

The murder of Margaret Coon was never solved due to several things, a lot of them being incompetence, because people were afraid to step on rich toes and ask simple questions. People in authority were in shock and unable to deal with someone murdered they knew and considered one of their own. The fact that she was from a wealthy family hindered the investigation. The fact that one of their own was under investigation for fraud and malfeasance in office probably hindered the process also. Miracles happen every day so never give up hope the killer will be caught and they surely will pay whether in this life or the next.

Thank you for your emails and forum postings.


The Runaway Ego and Private Agenda

Deaths of Margaret Coon & Lynn Nunez


Both of these murders are open un-solved cases in the State of Louisiana
Margaret Coon was killed 20 years ago, February 19, 1987
Lynn Nunez was killed 9 years ago, March 14, 1998

Both girls were employees of the 22nd Judicial
Margaret Coon was an Assistant District Attorney along with Brady Fitzsimmons
Lynn Nunez was a court reporter for Judge Brady Fitzsimmons

“The Coon evidence file remained on a shelf in the back room of the District Attorney’s office
for over two years, where anyone had access”
– multiple past Assistant District Attorneys

“Evidence is missing. The file has been raided through the years”
– 22nd Judicial Judge, and multiple ADA’s

“The evidence file is no bigger than a shoebox now:”
– Captain, STPSO

“I always wanted to solve the case for her father”
– past investigator STPSO

“I reviewed that case once. Evidence was scattered and missing.
I don’t think I ever got it all. Some was in the attic and may still be there”
– past investigator, STPSO

“Margaret had a very revealing diary. I found it under the couch”
– lead investigator

“Lynn had no respect for Fitzsimmons”
– Lynn’s friends and past 22nd Judicial Judge

Coon’s case is the ultimate injustice. She worked daily to prosecute criminals,
yet her killer is free to this day

“A piece of paper here and a notation there”
– Investigator, STPSO

“It was a very vicious kill, and I agree that the killer must be caught”
– anonymous nola

“There are conflicts in the reports from the Criminal Division Chief”
– La Attorney General’s Office

“Lynn’s car was locked, but someone had already been through her purse and trunk”
– New Orleans Homicide

“If it Walks like a Duck and Quacks like a Duck, it is usually a Duck,
I wish we had the case”
– La Attorney General’s Office

“Lynn always had emergency money”
– Lynn’s friends

“No one will ever know who killed Margaret Coon”
– Lynn Nunez

Lynn’s friends all say she knew too much

“Margaret was wearing 40K in jewelry, but the murderer had no interest”
– Investigator STPSO

“I hope Rusty keeps it up.
Two murders have been forgotten for too many years”
– anonymous nola

“I told her to get out before it was too late”
– a friend from the Clerk’s office

“An unrelated case revealed facts to me neither the DA’s office nor the STPSD
wish to pursue for reasons known only to them”
– exhomicide nola

“Margaret’s blouse was inside out”
– lead investigator STPSO

“Why was evidence treated so carelessly?”
– anonymous nola

The lead investigator was asked to close the file

“Repeated requests for a Grand Jury investigation calling key witnesses
under oath have fallen on deaf ears for 15 years”
– exhomicide nola

“We hand delivered a letter to the FBI asking them to take the case,
they have it now”
– La Attorney General’s Office

“A guard was posted at her apartment, but he allowed a maid to sanitize glassware,
tabletops and pot plants from fingerprints”
– past ADA

“They don’t want to know the truth”
– exhomicide nola

“It won’t be a murder charge, it will be a civil rights violation”
– New Orleans attorney

“The person who killed Margaret Coon was left handed”
– Major STPSO (ret)

Who is left handed?

I feel Law Enforcement has been duped by one or more of their own
– Rusty Burns