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Local History

Local History: Mardi Gras in St. Tammany – 1966

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Covington History segment provided by local historical writer Ron Barthet. View Ron’s blog Tammany Family here.

 Here’s a smattering of news articles about Mardi Gras in St. Tammany Parish some 55 years ago in 1966. Click on the images to make them larger and more readable.

Krewe of Olympia 1st Parade in 1966

 The Carnival season in Covington got even more exciting when the brand new Krewe of Olympia launched its parade on February 20, 1966, joining two other parades already scheduled for the Mardi Gras season. 

Here are some articles and photographs that chronicled the coming of the Krewe of Olympia, its King, Court, and festivities. Click on the images to make them larger.

Here is the text from the newspaper article describing the inaugural ball 

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Article Written By Margaret Sloan

The Mystic Krewe of Olympia presented its first annual carnival ball Sunday night at the St. Paul’s high school student union building after a glittering torch-lit parade through downtown Covington.

“The Land of Oz”, theme of the parade, was carried out in an impressive tableaux enacted before a gold and red velvet throne backed by purple, gold and green swags gracefully draped from tall white columns.

Beginning festivities of the evening, Krewe Captain Earl Wilson, in glittering attire, made a spectacular entrance. His garb consisted of a gold and sequined satin coat with matching gold metallic trousers and rows of rhinestones extending the length of the pants legs. His cape was of white velvet, heavily-outlined in borders of gold and silver sequins, with rows of rhinestones within the outer border. Swirls of gold beautifully decorated the center of the cape, which was outlined with rhinestones and silver sequins.

His headpiece was heavily ornamented gold sequins, outlined in rows of brilliant rhinestones topped with white and blush pink plumes. Completing this magnificent attire were his boots of gold, trimmed with rhinestones. He carried a gold and silver jeweled scepter.

The krewe, dressed in costumes reminiscent of the lovable people of Oz, turned out en masse to join in the festivities and welcome the royal guests who had come to celebrate the occasion.

With fanfare and roll of drums, the captain presented George C. Darr, King Zeus 1, ruler of Olympia. attired in white satin Edwardian coat heavily ornamented in sequins and rhinestones. His trousers were of matching white satin and he wore white leather boots. The floor length mantle of white velvet trimmed in white mink and featured swirls of green, gold, yellow, pink, rose and orange velvet beautifully outlined in matching sequins.

Wearing a high arched silver crown of rhinestones highlighted with a jeweled Maltese cross in its center and carrying a jeweled scepter, he presented a magnificent figure.

First of the maids to enter was The Wise Witch of the South, Miss Maureen Helen Illing, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Warren J. Illing, escorted by The Guardian of the Emerald City Gates. Her blush pink gown featured a collar of carnival purple highlighted with an emerald green midrift. She wore an elaborate purple headpiece outlined in green sequins with a matching flowing train sprinkled with rhinestones.

The Wicked Witch of the East, Miss Sheridan Marie Stewart, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lomis E. Stewart, was escorted by the Royal High Sheriff of Oz. Her bouffant gown of burgandy net over black peau de soie had a purple bodice and long sleeves.

A cowl neckline and high collar of forest green illusion highlighted her costume. Her headpiece was of lavender satin sprinkled with rhinestones.

Third maid to enter was The Green Maiden of Oz. Miss Elizabeth W. Baldwin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Baldwin, escorted by The Wizard’s Court Jester. She was beautifully attired in a gown of forest green net over white satin featuring a bodice of satin and matching green net puffed sleeves sprinkled with rhinestones. Her soceress headpiece was of green satin and chiffon.

Miss Freida Fusilier, daughter of Mrs 0. Fusilier, portraying The Beautiful Sorceress, Gavelette, was escorted by Prince Quelala. She was costumed in a gown of green satin featuring white mink trim about the coat and outlining her full floor-length skirt.

Her headpiece, in keeping with the character she portrayed, was of green and white sequins and had a floor length veil of olivette chiffon cascading from the center of the crown.

The fifth maid to enter was Glinda, The Good Witch. Miss Theresa Deano, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guy L. Deano, was escorted by The High Priest of Oz. Her gown was of daffodil yellow chiiffon and silk brocade emphasized by a full puffed skirt and elbow length sleeves beautifully trimmed in gold sequins. She wore a yellow tulle and gold sequined bakers hat.

Dorothy, portrayed by Miss Karen Louise Foil, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Foil, escorted by The Wizard of Oz, was the sixth and final maid to enter. Her white peau de soie and cranberry velvet bodiced gown featured a round neckline and elbow puffed sleeves. The white skirt was circled by eyelet entwined with cranberry ribbon and velvet bows scalloped about the hemline. Her headpiece was of white satin topped with a rich red plume.

Escorting the maids werel Messrs. Siegfried B Christensen, Lomis E. Stewart, Max J. Derbes, Jr., Guy L. Deano, Ray Foil and Dr. Lloyd M .Magruder.

As the much anticipated moment arrived, his majesty rose to welcome his daughter, Queen Carabel Darr, who was radiantly attired in a magnificent gown of white brocade fashioned along empire lines featuring panels of white satin over her floor length sheath skirt and wrist length sleeves, ending in a point over the hands.

Her elaborate mantle of rose pink velvet bordered in white mink, was centered with swirls of silver embroidery, outlined in brilliants and sequins.

Her circular crown was of silver and rhinestones and was beautifully tipped by teardrop crystals falling from its many spires. She carried a scepter of silver and rhinestones. Miss Darr’s mother is the former Miss Ama Norfleet of Shreveport, whose grandmother. Mrs. Ama Ford Vance, ruled as the first queen of carnival in Shreveport The queen’s aunt, Mrs. John H. Hearne, was the first Queen of Cotillion of Holiday in Dixie in Shreveport.

Pages to her royal highness were her sister, Miss Margaret Marion Darr and Miss Debra Ann Wilson, daughter of Col and Mrs. Earl Wilson. They wore identical ankle length white satin and peau de sole dresses and rhinestone tiaras.

Pages to his royal highness were Master Warren John Illing II, son of Mr. and Mrs. Warren J. Illing. and Master James Patrick Wilson, son of Col. and Mrs. Earl Wilson. Their costumes were of white satin bordered with rows of silver and gold sequins and matching canes lined with purple satin. Their hats were of white satin topped with white plumes.

Entertainment was furnished the court by Mrs. William Greer, who sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” the June Greer Dancing School performed “The Dancing Munchkins,” and the Stevie Romano Dancers dancing “Stormy Weather.”

Bouquets of red roses were presented to his majesty’s wife, Mrs. George C. Darr and Mrs. Earl Wilson, wife of the krewe Captain.

Tableaux music was furnished by Jay Zainey, and his orchestra who also furnished the music for the revelry at Covington Community Center following the Grand March and several call outs.

Article published on Friday, February 25, 1966, in the St. Tammany Farmer newspaper. 

Over on the Krewe of Olympia website, this account is given of the group’s history:

The History of the Mystic Krewe of Olympia

In 1965, a group of friends were having lunch at The Galley Restaurant across from the Covington Courthouse. Among them were Lieutenant Colonel Earl Wilson, Warren Illing, Sr. pharmaceutical sales manager, H. M. “Ollie” Olson, a Delta Airline Pilot, and James Heinritz, a local insurance agent. It was shortly after Mardi Gras, and the conversation turned to the Lions Club parade on Mardi Gras morning in Covington.

Colonel Wilson commented that many St. Tammany residents in rural areas probably had never seen a “New Orleans style” parade, adding “wouldn’t it be great to bring one to the community?” By the end of the meeting, plans were under way to form a carnival organization in Covington. Each participant in the project was given the task of signing up 25 members for the organization. By the end of the week, approximately 100 enthusiastic members had formed the Mystic Krewe of Olympia.

Read more local Mardi Gras history on the Tammany Family site:

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Local Events Local News Non Profit Spotlight

MK Foundation Blue Jeans Ball & Battle of the Bands at the Covington Trailhead Saturday, March 12, 2016

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The MK Foundation’s second annual Blue Jeans Ball and Battle of the Bands takes place at the Covington Trailhead on Saturday, March 12, 2016 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.  The event features a live auction, open bar and food tent, Lost in the 60’s vs. Boogie Falaya, a cooking competition, and a dance competition.  This event will benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southeast Louisiana – Covington Unit, the Youth Service Bureau, the Covington Police Department and the Covington Fire Department.


blue jean ball 2016

Local Events Non Profit Spotlight

“Blue Jeans Ball & Battle of the Bands” at Covington Trailhead – MKO Foundation

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MKO Foundation Blue Jeans BallThis truly unique event promises to be unlike any other fundraising event that you have ever attended. As the name of the event states, the dress code will be blue jeans casual and there will be a good old fashioned battle of the bands. This year, Lost in the 60s and Soul Revival will slug it out to see who will win the battle while playing only their best music and taking very short breaks during band changeovers.

The battle doesn’t stop with the bands. Each of Olympia’s 15 floats, with its members, will be competing for the coveted distinction of being crowned as Big Bopper of the event. There will be the Bird, Beast or Fish Cooking Competition to determine which of our floats has the best chefs in the Krewe. With this, there will be a contest for the best decorated cooking area that relates to the food being presented, i.e., a miniature fishing camp for a team serving seafood. Floats will also earn points for raising sponsorships for the event and putting together high value auction packages that will be sold in live auctions during band changeovers. Last but not least, there will be a dance contest with couples receiving points for their dancing talents and costumes. The winning couple will be crowned the Belle and Beau of the Ball. In addition to bragging rights for a full year and receiving a unique award designed especially for our event, the Big Bopper will also be given the choice of position in next year’s parade and table seating at next year’s Ball.

Learn more about the event and the MKO Foundation on the Krewe of Olympia website:


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Mardi Gras in Covington – Upcoming Local Parades 2015

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Mardi Gras ParadeCarnival season is here, and Covington continues its tradition of local Mardi Gras parades. The celebration begins with the Krewe of Olympia on Saturday February 7th, starting at 6pm, which will follow its usual route through Covington ( On Mardi Gras day, February 17th, the Covington Lions Club rolls at 10am, followed by the Mystic Krewe of Covington parade.

Check for more parade info!

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Mystic Krewe Of Olympia Parade Saturday February 22nd

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Get your Mardi Gras attire ready, because it’s carnival time in Covington!  The Mystic Krewe of Olympia start their annual parade in Downtown Covington at 6 pm Saturday, February 22nd. To learn more about the Krewe of Olympia, check their website:

Stay tuned for more local Mardi Gras happenings!

February 22nd, 6 pm in Downtown Covington, Louisiana

February 22nd, 6 pm in Downtown Covington, Louisiana

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Mystic Krewe of Olympia to Roll in Covington

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Olympia_Ball_1966_SmThe Krewe of Olympia will parade through town this Saturday, February 2nd! The parade will follow it’s usual route, starting at 6 pm on the corner of North Jefferson and North Columbia in front of the courthouse, following Columbia to Boston and then making a loop from South Jefferson to West 15th to South Tyler to West 23rd and back up Boston to end where it began. (See map bellow)

This year Mayor Mike Cooper has been declared Grand Marshall of the Krewe of Olympia. Says the Captain of the Krewe, “We are delighted that Mayor Cooper has accepted our invitation to be this year’s Mystic Krewe of Olympia Grand Marshal. This year we celebrate Covington’s 200th anniversary and it is only fitting that Mayor Cooper be our Grand Marshal with his family’s and especially his father’s rich history of serving the citizens of Covington.” This years theme will honor Covington’s Bicentennial.

The origins of the Krewe of Olympia go back to 1965, and the first ball was held in 1966 in St. Paul School’s field house, as pictured here.


Local News

Mardi Gras in Covington

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It’s that time of year again!  Covington is kicking off Mardi Gras with the Mystic Krewe of Olympia Saturday, February 11th, starting at 6 pm.  They will be following their usual route, which is posted on Mardi Gras day also offers the regular Covington parades; the Lions Club parade will be starting at 10 am followed immediately by the Krewe of Covington at 11 am.