Natural Movement Solutions – ELDOA in Downtown Covington

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No class like ELDOA! A must for every human being!!

The best way to explain this form of exercise is an all in one, stretching, strengthening and decompressing of the spine. Created by French Osteopath Dr. Guy Voyer, the ELDOA are very precise postures that are held for 1 minute with the goal targeting and decompressing specific vertebral junctions of the spine. This is accomplished by putting specific fascia (connective tissue) in tension. While holding the position you will also strengthen the postural muscles that support the spine and stretch short/tight muscles that are negatively affecting the spine.

The best way to get an understanding of what this feels like is to try it! ELDOA is a very safe, effective, non-impact class but is a very challenging workout for anyone. People who should give this a try are anyone with low back or neck pain, disc bulges, scoliosis, poor flexibility or poor posture.

Owner of Natural Movement Solutions, Justin Brien will be hosting a FREE community introductory class Monday, March 9th at his studio @ 1103 Village Walk. Please contact Justin if you are interested in joining an intro class.  504-344-4348