Statement From Chief Lentz on MCC Award

To our friends,
I shared the below with my officers this afternoon. I thought it was appropriate to share it with you as well. Ironically, today we had another citizen enter our Police Department addicted to heroin and asking for help.  Within minutes they were on their way to the Giving Hope Retreat.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Today, I had the privilege of attending the Metropolitan Crime Commission Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon in New Orleans.  I was joined by Dy. Chief Arrowood, Mayor Cooper and the City’s Director of Administration Gina Hayes.   At this Awards Luncheon, the CPD received the 2017 Excellence in Law Enforcement Award for Operation Angel.
The criteria for the award is as follows:  “The awardees shall be governmental employees, public officials, criminal justice professionals, crime abatement programs or criminal justice support organizations.  The individual or organization shall have performed extraordinary service to law enforcement and the administration of criminal justice to the benefit of the Metropolitan New Orleans area. The awardee shall have a record of continuity and consistency of service and shall reflect the admirable quality of integrity, both personal and professional.”

As I reflect on the last three years, it is simply amazing how far we have come.  Before I was selected your Chief, this department was in disarray.  Two officers had been arrested, another officer arrested two referees at a high school football game, and our community lost respect for the department.  In a short three years we have rebuilt this department, rebuilt our reputation, and rebuilt our relationships with the community.  While I might be the head of this organization, it is you, the men and women of this Police Department that have effected change.  So much so, you are now being recognized for Excellence in Law Enforcement.  I couldn’t be more proud of you, and I am humbled to be your Chief.  Out of all of the law enforcement agencies in the Metropolitan area, many much larger than us, our little 44 person department has been recognized above them all!
Stand proud and know that you work for the best damn police department in the State.  –  Tim Lentz