CPD Partners With YMCA For Mentoring

“This past summer the Police Department joined forces with

the YMCA to start a mentoring project with kids from our

community. When the project was first pitched to me, I

thought I could easily get one or two officers to step up

and volunteer their time but instead, six officers

volunteered their time to be mentors. Volunteers included

Lt. Jimmie Slade, Officers Mike Liberto, Laura Aucoin,

Chase Sharp, George Turgeau, and Communications Officer

Audrey Casey. For 16 weeks, these officers met with the

kids once a week. They covered a variety of different

topics during their meetings, with the help of guest

speakers, everything from communication skills to

leadership skills. The program wrapped up over the

holidays with a dinner catered by our friends at Beck N

Call Cafe.

Our officers at CPD understand the value of building

relationships with the kids in the community. I am forever

grateful for them volunteering their time for 16 weeks to

forge a bond with the youth in our community. Hopefully,

they will have developed friendships that will last


Please join me in thanking these officers and our partners

at the YMCA, Joey, Louis and Charlotte for all they did to

make this happen.” – Chief Tim Lentz