Mayor Mark on the Budget Process

The City Administration has now begun the budget process for 2021. Mayor Mark explains just what that means.

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“The dollars available come directly from the citizens, mostly through sales tax, some through property taxes and some from utility services. The amount collected is decided on by the people (taxes) and by the Council with input from citizens (rates and fees).
Once the money is in the “Bank”, the Council decides how to budget it. They do this with input from the Mayor (that’s me) and from the people. I review last year’s budget department by department, line by line – with each department head. Producing a proposed budget is a protracted and tedious process.
In the Fall, the proposed budget will be presented to the Council. A public work meeting will be scheduled where Department heads and I are available to share our thoughts.
Once the Council approves the budget, the money becomes available to the Administration on January 1st. For construction projects, this is a six month process BEFORE we can go out to bid. Under State law, bidding with the accompanying advertising laws can take more months.”

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