Aloe Vera, the Healing Plant

Aloe VeraAloe vera, also known as True Aloe, Burn Aloe or First Aid Aloe is a very well known and revered plant throughout the world. Thought to originate in Africa, Aloe vera quickly gained popularity as a beneficial medicinal plant. The “gel” inside the thick, fleshy leaves are used to aid the healing of cuts, burns and rashes. Aloe vera juice may also be taken internally, and it is said to regenerate internal tissues and organs in the same way it regenerates skin tissue. Indian cuisine incorporates aloe in some desserts and drinks. Aloe vera can kill certain bacteria, fungi and viruses. It dilates capillaries, increasing blood flow. Aloe contains anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties, and it speeds the healing process and growth of new cells.

Aloe Vera gel
As always, it is a good idea to consult your physician for any medical issue of concern.

While the gel can be very affective in healing minor cuts and burns, external application may actually slow healing for more serious lacerations that penetrate muscle.