Opalescense Day Spa & Skin Education Center

by owner Sandy Thornhill, FNP-C

opal_lotus_logo edOpalescense Day Spa offers a unique experience where the music, scents and the art of touch therapy are combined to yield a relaxed, soothing and uplifting experience. The facials are developed to encompass all of these elements and are designed based on the needs of your skin. After an initial skin assessment is performed, products are chosen to improve, enhance and brighten your skin. Erin Corcoran, our Master Esthetician and Certified Educator, is very knowledgeable regarding the anatomy of the skin, skin conditions and products. She selects products which are safe and effective to use on specific skin types.

Massages are available including Swedish, deep tissue, pregnancy massage as well as upper body chair massages. Our Master Massage Therapist, Marletta, will perform an appropriate, safe and therapeutic massage while focusing on specific trigger points. She offers suggestions to assist the client in managing specific health issues. As the owner of Opalescense and an experienced Nurse Practitioner in Dermatology, I work diligently to ensure that the client is treated in a holistic manner. The products which I have chosen are safe and healthy for the skin. In my daily practice, I treat a variety of skin conditions in all age groups and populations. It is important for the client, along with the professional, to devise goals and develop a treatment plan to attain these goals. I want the client to understand why a specific facial is recommended as well as the benefits of using a specific product. As a team, we advocate a holistic approach to enhance mind, body and soul. Education is a major focus.

We offer facials, microdermabrasions, peels, body scrubs and massages. Hair removal is offered using traditional waxing or sugaring.

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