“Stitched: Christine Sauer & Laura Gipson” Opening Reception At St. Tammany Art Association Saturday

"Stitched" at St. Tammany Art AssocoationThe St. Tammany Art Association is proud to present an exhibition of work by artists Christine Sauer and Laura Gipson. The common thread between these two contemporary artists is that they incorporate the technique of stitching in their work. Both are very different in their approach and use of materials.

An intuitive and improvisational approach to working with materials and image characterizes Christine Sauer’s diverse body of work. Her imaginative art is inspired by nature, science, the cosmos and an enjoyment of the process of making. For many years she created and exhibited her paintings, collages and sculptural installations in New Orleans and around the country. More recently Christine has incorporated her fascination with stitching and textiles into her studio practice.

Laura Gipson draws upon common human experiences as her source material. The work attempts to make visible the inner invisible experience. Utilizing imagery of familiar objects that serve to function as stand-ins for the body and/or the mind, her work is built in an additive process, either through construction or layering. Gipson’s work is constructed in layers, with the waxed outer surface presenting a scarred surface that implies that this object has a history: that it has lived a life. In much of the work, She uses everyday materials that do much to keep these objects in the realm of common experience. These “stand-ins” function as an individual in the midst of life. What we know about these individuals is either written on their skin or we can see it through their façade.

The opening reception of “Stitched” will be held on Saturday, February 8th from 6-9 pm at the STAA.  All are welcome, this is a free event.