Voice St. Tammany Is Back For Its Third Season

Voice St. Tammany, a local vocal competition hosted by Center Of Performing Arts (COPA) and WYLK Lake 94.7FM, will kick off its third season Monday, February 17th at 7 p.m.

The competition is divided into three events. At each event vocalists will participate in two rounds of blind auditions. The first round will be for a panel of judges and the second will be for a live audience. In the end, radio listeners on Lake 94.7 will be able to vote for their favorite out of a final three and the winner will be awarded studio time and will be featured on the air. The dates are February 17,  March 10 and April 14.

All three events will be open to the public and will be held at COPA, 201 N. Columbia St. in Downtown Covington. There will be a $3 admission and refreshments will be provided. Those interested in auditioning can register online at www.voicesttammany.com.  For more information contact Sammi Greco at (985) 727-4638.

Voice St Tammany