New Healthy Pet Products At Good Dog Naturally Including Local “Tiger Bait Raw Food & Treats For Pets”

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Good Dog Naturally is in the process of a shelf make-over! Owner Angela Segona has been researching new products for pets, paying special attention to the quality and source of ingredients.   There are several new items on the shelves already, and the most exciting new product is Tiger Bait All Natural Raw Pet Foods & Treats.

Tiger Bait is a local company providing complete and balanced nutrition for dogs, cats, and other carnivores. Tiger Bait’s recipe is modeled on the meal nature intended a carnivore to eat – fresh, raw prey – and is made with over 80% chicken and organ meat, ground whole including bones, plus their super healthy mix of organic ingredients like carrots, spirulina, yogurt and eggs. Tiger Bait uses organic human-grade ingredients, packaged raw, and frozen to preserve freshness.  Their grain- and filler-free recipe allows you to feed your pet up to 50% less while still receiving more nutrients than a commercial canned or bagged diet can provide. Tiger Bait’s dehydrated raw treats are a huge hit too – your pets will love the delicious, nutrient-rich formulas that provide a  better quality of life!

Good Dog Naturally has added several other new foods and treats. Hounds & Gatos – “The Original Paleolithic Pet Food Company”, offers grain-free dog and cat foods with 100% animal protein from human-grade meat. Applaws Additive Free Cat Food sources its ingredients from natural and sustainable resources and has less than five ingredients.  Fruitables Dog Treats are 100% natural with selected organic ingredients and no artificial additives.  Canidae TidNips Meaty-Licious treats are made with real chicken, turkey, lamb, and salmon. Marsh Dog utilizes wild nutria meat in their treats, both helping protect the wetlands and providing  healthy, all natural treats using locally obtained ingredients. Stop by Good Dog Naturally today and find what your pet has been craving!

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