Local Author Offers Simple & Effective Philosophy – “A Poor Man Can Survive” by Murray James, Jr

Mr. Murray James, Jr. with his book, "A Poor Man Can Survive"
Mr. Murray James, Jr. with his book, “A Poor Man Can Survive”

Mr. Murray James, Jr. is a quiet, unassuming and friendly gentleman, quick with a smile and a warm handshake. By his own account, he started out with very little, but rather than allow his situation to be an impediment, he simply worked harder. While he recognizes the despair generated by poverty, Mr. James also champions the responsibility of the individual to take charge of their lives and initiate the positive changes necessary to move forward.

“Be The Best In Everything That You Do” This was something Mr. James’ father told him when he was a young boy, and this saying has been the motto by which he has lived his life. Mr. James’ book, “A Poor Man Can Survive”, chronicles his rewarding experiences working for Mr. Barton Hebert Jr., a man stricken with polio and in need of regular assistance who became like a brother to Murray, and whom Mr. James dutifully cared for over 42 years. The book was written to inspire others to have hope in the future and push for their dreams.

“A Poor Man Can Survive” is currently available at Jewel’s Cigar & Briar Shop in Covington and NAPA Auto Parts in Folsom, LA. Mr. James will speak at Christwood on March 17th with regard to the changes he’s seen in Covington over the years. Murray James Jr. can be reached at 985-373-8389 for book or speaking inquiries.