Helping Hands St. Tammany – Bringing the Community Together

helpinghandsFounded on Facebook at the beginning of 2015, Helping Hands flourished throughout St. Tammany, growing in support and reputation. Helping Hands empowers the community to take control of bettering itself with a positive message that includes acceptance to all. Helping Hands works to identify and educate on situational causation of issues within the community to better understand and empathize with individuals and families facing hardship.

Helping Hands is working to organize the community: within 6 months they have gained a following near 8000, helping over 1000 people. This needed help came from the community itself, and it is the mission of Helping Hands to bring peace to this world starting here in St. Tammany.

Everyone helping others would bring a new meaning to the word community, and this goal makes Helping Hands the epitome of “Community Effort”. Visit their Community Hub: