Health & Counseling Center Also Offers Naturopathy and SoulCore Classes

After eight years of private practice and six years as a Guidance Counselor in the Catholic School System, Stephanie de la Houssaye started another private practice, Health & Counseling Center, in the City of Central with other practitioners in the area.  The goal was to provide a center to help others restore their mind, body and soul by incorporating Christian Counseling as well as body work with a naturopathic doctor.

In 2019, Stephanie opened another location in Covington (204 S. Tyler St. in Simpson Creek Office Park) with two new services:  EVOX technology (a biocommunication method to help clear emotional blockages) and Soul Core classes (exercise classes with prayer).  Stephanie is proud of the growth of the Health & Counseling Center since 2015, and her Covington office professional partners include Kami Dehler, Naturopathic Doctor and Cheryl Fahr, SoulCore Instructor, ready to help restore their clients’ mind, body and soul.  Call 985-634-4040