Tire Disposal Day & Bulk Debris Pickup

Tire Disposal Day & Bulk Debris Pickup

Mayor Mark Johnson announces “Tire Disposal Day” August 15th, 2020. Bring unwanted tires to Peter Atkins Park for environmental recycling. DEQ limits 5 per person, none accepted from businesses.

Cleanliness and scenic beauty are key components of a positive quality of life.” – Mayor Mark

Mayor Mark Explains Bulk Debris Pickup Request

Photo Credit Mayor Mark

What’s with the pink tags?

To have bulk debris or green waste picked up curbside, one needs to make a request of our waste hauler, Coastal Environmental Services. This can easily be done using their Customer Care online form or by telephone (833-243-8237).

Many in our community believe trucks routinely pass by randomly picking up debris. This is not the case. Drivers are given a list of requested piles. Hence, they will pick up one pile, but drive right past another. If they were to add the unrequested piles to their load, they would lack capacity at the end of their route.

After requesting a pick-up, it should take about one week. If not removed in seven days, contact Coastal with a reminder. If not done in ten days, notify me via e-mail.

Update from Covington Mayor Mark Johnson.
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