Local History: Covington Downtown Flashbacks – 1980’s & 1990’s

Local History: Covington Downtown Flashbacks – 1980’s & 1990’s

Covington History segment provided by local historical writer Ron Barthet.
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Here are some pictures of downtown Covington and its stores from 30 or so years ago, in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

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The A&P Supermarket, located in the northwest corner of the Gibson St. – Florida St. intersection. 

The old Post Office across from the A&P

North side of Boston near the old Courthouse:
Collins Music and Prudential Insurance

The same as above, but at that time with murals…  

Southwest corner of Boston and Columbia:
Charler’s Jewelers where St. John’s Coffee House is today.
Norman Haik’s Dept. Store seen across the street.

Citizens Finance on Boston, across from the Old Courthouse

Tip-top Shoe Repair on Boston across from the old Courthouse. Currently where Heidi Bowers Photography is located.

Acme Oyster on south side of Boston St. near Boston Pub

Same scene as above, but with Blue Bayou Waterbeds
and Commercial Discount Loans occupying the storefronts.
Now home to Buster’s Place Restaurant & Oyster Bar

Rue de la Course Coffee House prior to St. John Coffee House

Same location as above, but with Teens N Queens at corner and W.Riggs Real Estate next to the barber shop

 Corner Columbia and Boston Sts., with Joe’s Family Shoe
Store and Smith Hardware

Dunning’s Florist, southeast corner of Boston and New Hampshire.
Current location of Del Porto’s Restaurant

Tyler Downtown Drugs, southeast corner of Florida and Gibson Sts. Now the location of Renaissance Antiques and Gifts. 

Razzle Dazzle Hair Salon, northwest corner of Rutland and New Hampshire.
Current location of Jewel’s Cigar & Briar Shoppe. 

Old Majestic Theater building, then First National Bank, then Hibernia National Bank, then Land Records office (shown), and now Christ Community Church

Do The Dishes, southeast corner of New Hampshire and Kirkland Sts.
Now the location of Beck N Call Cafe

The old train depot and Covington Depot Restaurant, Alexius
Brothers Hardware to the left

The building that housed Burns Furniture Store, now a vacant lot

Hiller’s Bar, northeast of New Hampshire and Gibson St. intersection,
in the curve of the train tracks (now known as Tammany Trace). The building is now home to the Back Porch (Club), something to do with the 4th Dimension.

Across New Hampshire St. from Hiller’s Bar, the car sales lot office. Current location of the Covington Trailhead Concert Stage and Museum
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The P&W Industries Scrap Metal Plant. The new St. TammanyParish Courthouse is now in that location.

The Gibson Street Bar and Lounge

Same building, this time housing Dixie Cafe next door to Nathan’s Sandwich Shop  

Same building, this time housing the Little Bohemian Restaurant.
Currently occupied by a vacant lot.

Nathan’s Sandwich Shop on Gibson, behind old courthouse.
Currently occupied by the Mattina Bella Restaurant

Hebert’s Cleaners, prior to the 1997 tornado

Alexius Brothers Hardware building, Lockwood near Theard St. 

Putt Putt Golf Course on Gibson, just west of Vermont St.

 St. Tammany Homestead Association office on Rutland St.

Majestic Club on Columbia near Rutland St. Current location
of Heritage Bank building

Champagne Jewelers on Columbia across from H.J. Smith’s Son General Merchandise. Current location of Mo’s Art Supply, at left, and Roy K. Burns Jr., Law Office

The ever-popular Maison Nez, northwest corner of Columbia and Gibson Sts.
Current location of Gulf Coast Lanterns.

Robert’s Beauty College, northeast corner of Columbia and Lockwood Sts.
Originally a funeral home, the building currently houses an art school and gallery and a hair salon for men.

The Columbia Street washateria, the building that became the home of the
St. Tammany Art Association

The Western Auto Store, southeast corner of Vermont and Gibson Sts.
Currently the home of the new Downtown Drugs.

The Frederick Building entrance on Boston St., flanked by Bill’s Barber shop and the Team Works. Doorway at right currently leads to Northshore Vineyard Church.

Boston St., south side, looking west from Columbia St. 

Thanks to the Covington Trailhead Museum for sharing many of these images from the 1980’s and 1990’s. 

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