The City of Covington Butterfly Garden

The Covington Butterfly Garden is located at the beginning of the Tammany Trace in Covington. The garden is the work of Clearwater Sanctuary, and the new flower bed is full of all the favorite vegetation of Butterflies, due to bring in our colorful friends year round! The next time you’re strolling through downtown, stop and check out this little oasis and enjoy the friendly insects that abide there.

City of Covington Mayor Mike Cooper stands with members of the Clearwater Wildlife Sanctuary at the newly installed Butterfly Garden.

In 27 years of service, the sanctuary has cared for more than 30,000 sick, injured and orphaned animals. Wildlife is treated, and then released to live freely in the sanctuary. Companion animals are given lifelong love and comfort in the pet orphanage. During disasters, such as the BP Oil Spill and Hurricane Katrina, the sanctuary serves in rescue and recovery.  Find out more at