Golden Light Candles: Handmade Beeswax Candles By Mignon

Hand-made Beeswax Candles by Mignon
Hand-made Beeswax Candles by Mignon

Golden Light Candles are meticulously crafted with the best locally sourced beeswax available on the Northshore. I choose cotton wicking, dipping it by hand, a few inches at a time, into a vat of heated beeswax. After cooling, they are threaded through wick retainers, measured and cut, dipped to grip the mold.

Each candle requires as many as seven stages! It is beautiful to watch the amber liquid slowly wax into a creamy rich tan or brown, or in the case of the olive oil mixed “butter” candles, light cream. Only food grade ingredients are used, often organic, and the herbs, spices, citrus rinds for the flavoured varieties, are simmered slowly, the wax kept as low a temperature as possible to keep the native raw honey properties, with minimal pre-filtering . . . Like the honeycomb itself, Golden Lights are of “edible quality”, but RESIST!

Beeswax should always be attended while it performs – cleaning the air and restoring negative ion charges.  There is a definite aura, a golden halo, unlike any other. The 100% beeswax is dense and will burn 2-5 times longer than other candles if the wicks are kept at 1/4 to 1/2 inch trims. The first burn should remain for two hours. Gently tip the wick into the wax pool to extinguish it.

One teaspoon takes a bee’s entire life to make. The maids of the Sun produce full-spectrum light with a unique aroma.

Available for the Season, at Sunshine Gardens Health Foods and a limited quantity at Springs of Life. Seasonal flavours include Grande Marnier (Satsuma/lemon rind and cardamom); Cinnamon; Christmas Spice; Rosemary/Orange-Sage, and my favourite, Myrrh. Advance Orders accepted.

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