KCB Arbor Day Seedling Tree Give-Away

Arbor Day KCB 2014Keep Covington Beautiful will celebrate Louisiana Arbor Day with the annual tree give-away at the Covington Farmers Market on Saturday, January 18, 2014, from 8:00 a.m. until noon, or until the tree seedlings are all given away. A variety of native bare-root seedlings will be available – Crabapple, Mayhaw, Mixed Plum, Redbay, American Elm, Bald Cypress, Live Oak, Cherrybark, Cow & White Oaks.

Volunteers are needed to help wrap the seedlings & hand them out. If you are interested in helping, please email kcb@covla.com.

The idea for Arbor Day originated in Nebraska in the 1800’s. As pioneers moved there, trees were needed as windbreaks, for fuel and building materials, as well as for shade. On January 4, 1872, J. Sterling Morton, journalist & newspaper editor, proposed a tree-planting holiday to be called “Arbor Day” at a meeting of the state Board of Agriculture. The date was set for April 10, 1872. Prizes were offered to counties and individuals for properly planting the largest number of trees on that day. It was estimated that more than one million trees were planted in Nebraska on the first Arbor Day. Quite a standard to carry on!

Today national Arbor Day is observed on the last Friday in April. However, many states observe the day to coincide with the best tree-planting weather. Louisiana Arbor Day is the third Friday in January.

Morton was proud of the success of Arbor Day and noted, “Other holidays repose upon the past. Arbor Day proposes for the future.”

The Arbor Day Proclamation by the Mayor of Covington reminds us of the many reasons to plant trees and to protect our woodlands.


¸ Reduce topsoil erosion from wind and water

¸ Cut heating and cooling costs

¸ Moderate temperature

¸ Clean the air & produce oxygen

¸ Provide habitat for wildlife

¸ Renewable resource for many wood products

¸ Increase property values

¸ Enhance the economic vitality of business areas

¸ Beautify the community

Join Keep Covington Beautiful in the celebration of the natural beauty that surrounds us, which we too often take for granted. To learn more about our projects, become a member or volunteer, visit www.keepcovingtonbeautiful.org or contact KCB at 985-867-3652 or kcb@covla.com. Follow us on Facebook.