St. Tammany Parish Council Meeting To Discuss Fracking May 1st

St. Tammany Parish Council Meeting Fracking“Fracking”, the topic that has been buzzing around St. Tammany Parish, will be on the agenda for the Parish Council Meeting this Thursday May 1, at 6 pm. Parish Councilman Jacob Groby of District 7 will be proposing some possible resolutions for both Parish and Citizens. Abita Springs Mayor Greg Lemons will also be holding a town meeting on the subject Thursday at 6 pm.  A Department of Natural Resources Meeting will be held May 13th, and the Department of Environmental Quality and Army Corps of Engineers are fielding comments from the public until May 4th. Contact information is listed below. If you have any opinion on this development it is strongly encouraged you contact your local Representatives and Parish Council members. Find your District and contact information on the Parish website,

Contact the Army Corps of Engineers via Robert Tewis, Project Manager.
Please reference Permit Application Number: MVN-2013-02952-ETT or (504) 862-2041

For the Department of Environmental Quality:
ATTN: Water Quality Division. Project Manager: Elizabeth Johnson
Phone: (225)219-3225  Reference WQC Application Number: WQC-140328-02