City of Covington – Downtown Traffic Study Underway

traffic-lights-green-traffic-light-signal-lightSeeking ways to improve traffic flow and safety in the historic CBD, Covington Mayor Mike Cooper requested the Regional Planning Commission last year to conduct a comprehensive study of traffic circulation, parking options, and safety analysis in partnership with the City. This key project is now underway.

A team of consultants led by Digital Engineering, including ITS Regional, Inc. and Dana Brown & Associates, was selected and will be collecting and analyzing traffic and related data in the weeks to come. The goal is to recommend new or improved policies to enhance traffic flow, parking, signage, signals, and safety for all transportation modes, including bicyclists and pedestrians. The University of New Orleans Transportation Institute will also provide additional analysis support as needed.

clipart-stop-sign-512x512-bb91 (2)Among the areas to be studied include possible traffic signalization on E. Boston St. at N. Vermont St., the enhancement of E. Kirkland St. through the Village Walk from N. Lee Rd. to Collins Blvd., and streetscaping of E. Gibson St. for clear identification of bicycle lanes. In addition, the study will consist of evaluation and conceptual development of an overall traffic circulation plan and parking management analysis.

“In an effort to determine the current conditions and develop improvements, the consultants will observe parking and traffic patterns, collect data, and seek input from our business owners and those who frequent downtown,” Mayor Mike Cooper. “I am anxious to receive the final recommendations so that we may take immediate steps to improve travel safety and movement, enhance the flow of traffic in and out of our City, which will contribute significantly to the pedestrian-friendly environment of our historic downtown.”

clipart-roundabout-traffic-sign-256x256-f960The final report, which is expected to be completed by June 2015, will include a series of action items the City of Covington may consider for implementation.