Meet The Candidates For The Upcoming St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Race

Meet The Candidates For The Upcoming St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Race

by Timothy Gates, CW Correspondent

St. Tammany Parish Sheriff
St. Tammany Parish Sheriff

Ask some locals (those living here before Katrina), and they will tell you that the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office is mired in controversy; just about anyone with this mindset has at least one story of their own. The Office actually has a pretty good record according to their numbers, and St. Tammany continues to be a safe place to live and enjoy life, despite the problematic work release program, challenges to methods of operation, and racially sensitive jokes from good-hearted people.

The D.A.’s race revealed some hypocrisies within the structure indicative of the same cavalier attitude exhibited by other parish administrative bodies when it is found that they engage in activities that would land the rest of us in jail. While the current administration is insistent that no change is necessary, three candidates seem to think otherwise – in alphabetical order, by last name:

Scott Illing: Mr. Illing has a law enforcement career beginning with the Covington Police Department, The Louisiana State Troopers and Federal service as a U.S. Customs Agent. From “Scott Illing will bring a new, independent focus to our sheriff’s department. We invest over $68 million in tax dollars to the Sheriff’s office, yet our officers are amongst the lowest paid. Scott understands the human factor is the most important consideration in policing our community.”

Randy Smith: “Chief Randy Smith is a 28-year veteran law enforcement officer. A native of Slidell and a lifetime resident of St. Tammany Parish, Randy has dedicated himself to serving the public and advancing law enforcement his entire life. He was elected in May of 2010 with 60% of the vote and is honored to serve the people of Slidell as their Chief of Police.” –

Jennifer Werther: At 17 yo, she enlisted in the Naval Reserve and continued a successful 23-year career with highest advancement to Chief. Navy Chiefs are a special group that leads, manages, and uses their worldwide network in coordination and cooperation. She served through the Cold War, Gulf War, and Global War on Terror and is decorated for achievements and operations.

Jennifer Werther plans to prioritize violent crime, institute programs to develop life skills, demonstrate fiscal conservatism by identifying and eliminating waste and have zero tolerance for brutality.

“Citizens Rights By Principle” – Jennifer Werther

Early voting begins Saturday, October 10, 2015.

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