Statement From District Attorney Warren Montgomery Opposing Proposition 5

warrenmontgomeryI oppose Proposition 5 on the Nov. 21st ballot because it is not in the best interests of the people of St. Tammany Parish. This amendment to the Home Rule Charter would remove the District Attorney’s Office as the legal representative for the Parish President, Parish Council, and the boards and agencies created by parish ordinance.  A vote against this proposition would mean:
Lower costs for taxpayers  The creation of a new legal department for the parish likely would require additional staff and unnecessary expenses. The District Attorney’s Office is the largest legal firm in St. Tammany Parish and can provide basic legal services to parish entities at a cost savings. The District Attorney’s Office can bring in special counsel to assist in handling technical areas of the law, as needed, keeping the costs of such services to a minimum.
More Independence  The Parish Council has 14 members with different political ideologies and influences. My administration has pushed to keep politics out of the legal system. The District Attorney’s Office can offer independent advice based on what is most sound legally, not politically.
More Accountability  Under Proposition 5, the legal representatives of the parish would work for parish officials. The District Attorney works for the people. The District Attorney is hired and fired by the people. The District Attorney’s Office offers impartial legal advice in the best interests of the people of St. Tammany Parish.
–  Warren Montgomery, District Attorney, 22nd Judicial