Things You May Not Know About Getting a Massage by Melissa Pearson

CovMassage&Wellness pic2Massage Therapy is an amazing form of preventive maintenance for the body. It assists all body systems to heal, repair and perform at optimum levels. In order to benefit the most from your services, it is important to be relaxed, yet so many times clients are too worried about their appearance to really relax and enjoy the experience. Below, some tips to help get all you can from your next massage.

Massage therapists do not care if your legs are shaved or your feet are pedicured. We are focused on what is going on underneath the skin, not on top of it.

Schedule your massage for a time when you are not worried about your hair and makeup. It is hard to relax when you are focused on not getting oil in your hair.

You will get a better massage if you remove all your jewelry. It breaks up the flow if we have to skip over areas with jewelry.

Cellulite does NOT show up when you are lying on the table. The lighting is dark, your body is covered by draping, and everything looks smooth stretched out on a massage table.

Melissa Pearson is a Nationally Certified, State Licensed Massage Therapist with 10 years of experience. She owns Master of Massage in the new Covington Massage & Wellness Centre on North Columbia Street and can be reached at (504) 400-7934