Covington Three Rivers Festival Poster Art Revealed: Covington Weekly Gets Special Mention

Three Rivers Art Festival 2013 Poster

Jamie Owens, TJ Owens Jr Art
Jamie Owens, TJ Owens Jr. Art

The poster art for the 2013 Three Rivers Art Festival was created by talented local artist Jamie Owens of TJ Owens Jr. Art. Jamie has participated in the Three Rivers Art Festival the last several years, and so far in 2013, he’s been involved with the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, the Bay Saint Louis Festival, and the Baton Rouge Art Melt.

Jamie’s method incorporates slivers of vinyl hand-cut and machine-cut into pieces that are then layered and fit together to create the art. He uses reflective vinyl in his pieces to create visual effects from different lighting. This unique process came to him while he was thinking of a way to use the scraps from his vinyl sign making business.

In this particular piece, there are layers of hidden symbolism and meaning. The piece is titled “Encompassing Silhouettes”, and it is meant to convey the past, present and future of Covington in celebration of the Bicentennial year.  The 1917 Ford Fire Truck was actually used in the Bicentennial Parade, modeled after a photo taken by David Barfield. A silhouette in the window represents the past of Covington, while the children sitting on the curb symbolize the future.  The silhouettes standing on the sidewalk represent Covington present (holding a copy of Covington Weekly, and we’re honored to be included in this piece!).   We think Jamie did a fantastic job on this event poster.  Three Rivers Art Festival will be around in November, so be sure to look for it!  For a detailed explanation of the symbolic elements  in the artist’s own words, please visit Jamie’s Facebook page at TJOwensJr Art. For more information and art by Jamie, visit: