Good Dog Naturally = Healthy Pet: Food, Care Products, Pest Prevention & Full Grooming Services

Good Dog Naturally carries holistic products that are meticulously researched by the caring staff. You’ll find locally sourced foods and treats, as well as the best quality feeds from sustainable operations. Good Dog Naturally also offers non-toxic, natural parasite control for the summer season. The Scrubby Puppy is located in Good Dog Naturally, featuring a do-it-yourself dog wash and full grooming services available.

Good Dog Naturally Carries Local Products Like Tiger Bait

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Tiger Bait provides complete and balanced nutrition for dogs, cats, and other carnivores using a recipe made from 10 all natural and organic human-grade ingredients, packaged raw, and frozen to preserve freshness. Conveniently sold in specially designed freezer-safe and reseal-able plastic containers, Tiger Bait’s grain- and filler-free recipe allows you to feed your pet up to 50% less while still receiving more nutrients than a commercial canned or bagged diet. Now available at Good Dog Naturally. Want more information? Contact Tiger Bait today at and let them know your questions, or come speak to them at either the Covington or Mandeville Farmer’s Markets.

Full Grooming Services at Scrubby Puppy

The Scrubby Puppy is located inside Good Dog Naturally and offers full grooming and bathing services. Call to schedule your appointment today: 985-871-5222

Good Dog Naturally Scrubby Puppy

Visit Good Dog Naturally’s website for a full range of products and services, as well as a full list of grooming services and prices in a caring environment for your pet.