St. Tammany Health System COVID Update for Neighbors

St. Tammany Health System COVID Update for Neighbors

Update from the St. Tammany Health System:

Today at St. Tammany Health System, 21 patients are in COVID care with census of 143, and 283 COVID cases discharged since the pandemic began. Please continue to do your part by washing your hands, wearing a mask, staying six feet away from others and isolating yourself when you don’t feel well.

Most importantly, don’t delay care out of fear related to the presence of COVID-19 in our community. St. Tammany Health System is clean, safe and ready to care for you. Our patient Gary Kern recently experienced a heart attack, and he has a cautionary tale for the community, particularly those who may hesitate to seek care in the age of COVID-19. See his story on our website and all our social media channels.

Please keep doing your part to slow the spread of this disease. The CDC has this advice for proper care and wear for your mask. Thanks for doing your part to keep our community safe.

Learn more at the St. Tammany Health System website: