This Week at the Farmers Market by Charlene LeJeune

Hello friends! We’re looking forward to a great day Wednesday full of music and fresh veggies and good food.  Mr. Houston’s and Marietta’s gardens have been bloomin’ with kale, green onions, potatoes, squash, you name it. The hens have been hard at work and eggs abound! Come and join us for relaxing lunch of curried chicken in a wrap or homemade tamales or a thick, delicious veggie wrap or… a refreshing noodle salad. Don’t forget some boiled peanuts for later. I know it’s hard to decide what to get, but just pick up extra and you have dinner (or lunch tomorrow).
Make plans to come out on Saturday and enjoy the melodious tunes of Andrew McLean coming from the gazebo. So grab your coffee and a blueberry muffin and enjoy the music while you do your shopping. Then, get ready to learn about healthy eating from Karen Marie Walker who’ll show you how to make (and enjoy) a “My Plate Wrap”. Karen, the Salubrious RD and Nutrition Agent from the LSU AgCenter Extension Service in Covington, is also with the Mayor’s Council on Healthy Lifestyles. We’re with you, mayor. We’re just full of healthy goodness here.The Clecklers are back! With tomatoes!! And peaches!!! Fantabulous!!!! I know they’re a little later than last year but we’ve had a very strange spring. The temps were too low to ripen the peaches. We also have some wonderful breads for making sandwiches and John tells me that he has a sweet small onion (probably more than one) that’s perfect for slicing. You know what that means, right? You got it… the ultimate sandwich – tomato and onion. YUM! There is absolutely nothing better…but wait… the ultimate sandwich demands the ultimate mayo. No worries, I will have a few jars of homemade garlic mayo this weekend.


Nick at Grow.Farm has plenty of green beans and red potatoes!
Nick at Grow.Farm has plenty of green beans and red potatoes!

Those summer veggies are coming in picture perfect and brimming with nutrients. White squash, yellow squash, fancy squash, zucchini, and bell peppers are here and just beggin’ to be stuffed with shrimp from Mr. Two or ground beef or pork from Justin. As I mentioned before, there’s a hefty selection of different breads (I may have mentioned them already) from which to make breadcrumbs. The squash are very plentiful, so I decided to reprint my mother-in-law’s fabulous recipe for squash pudding. It’s been a favorite in our family forever. First, you’ll need about 3 to 4 squash (I usually use the white patty pan but any kind will do). Cut into sections, peel, seed and boil till tender, then drain the pulp, put into a mixing bowl and mash. Add ¾ cup milk, 2 eggs, 1½-cup sugar (brown sugar is especially good), 1 cup self rising flour and 1 tsp vanilla. With a hand mixer, mix all ingredients until fairly smooth and about the consistency of lumpy cake batter. Pour into a buttered baking dish and bake at 350°F until a toothpick comes out clean. Let cool and cut into squares. You can top with a sprinkling of powdered sugar if you like. The kids will never know.

Southy’s Soups has been preparing some amazing cold soups. Now I know it’s hard to think about soups in the summer, but when the weather’s hot, you’re looking for something light for lunch or supper. A refreshing cold soup, a fresh summer salad and Voila! Room for dessert!  I know, I know. I really have been a very good girl about the goodies but, let’s face it guys, aren’t our vendors’ goodies the best? Biscotti, oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, almond macaroons, lemon scones, anise cookies, raw almond butter cookies, nut and spice cookies, lemon crunches, muffins, ginger cookies, wedding cookies, gluten-free peanut butter chocolate chip, GF chocolate crinkles, Morning Glory muffins, pecan pie, sweet potato pie, cherry pie, luscious cheesecake – you could drown in deliciousness here! I won’t even get into the Popsicles, but… how wonderfully refreshing on a warm summer day! Don’t worry, Mr. Mayor, there are only good ingredients in those goodies.

You won’t want to stop there; there’s so much more out here – a beautiful summer breeze, delightful music, great food. What more can you ask for? I can’t think of anything either. See you at the Market!
Lots of love
Charlene LeJeune
Abundant Life Kitchen

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