“Share the Health” Summer Educational Series: Laura Warner Talks Nutrition

variety-of-colorful-vegetables-106968In her talk at Our Place Studio on Tuesday, June 11, Laura Warner, CTP, CHNP, addressed holistic nutrition, emphasizing that it isn’t about dieting. “It’s about feeling better and listening to our body. When we eat mindfully, we pay attention to how we feel after eating certain foods and begin to understand how food affects our entire body–not just our waistline,” says Warner. This is crucial for creating better health for ourselves.

Digestion- it’s not just what we eat but what we digest that counts. The health of our good bacteria (probiotics) and the production of digestive enzymes is crucial for digestive health and therefore, for the distribution of nutrients throughout the body systems. Some signs you may not be properly absorbing what you eat may include all forms of digestive upset, such as gas, bloating, and heartburn, as well as fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, hair, and nails, and even some autoimmune disorders, as well as many other symptoms.

We need a proper balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins to nourish us. Americans eat way too much processed carbs (bread, desserts, pastas), other processed foods, and sugars – most of which are full of artificial chemicals and lacking in nutrients. These food products not only do not feed your body, they may contribute to internal inflammation, yeast overgrowth, mood disorders, and many of our modern diseases. Try shopping the outer perimeter of the grocery store for the freshest foods and make it a point to get out to your local farmer’s market. When you truly change your eating habits, you can change your life. Start by breaking old food habits and creating better ones. A good breakfast can include eggs, veggies like spinach and broccoli, and good fats, like avocado, as well as bacon (get local/hormone and nitrate free whenever possible). Step out of that cereal box mentality. Got leftovers from dinner? Try eating those for breakfast! Fresh, local foods, as well as herbs, are your best sources of essential vitamins and minerals.

Keep looking at the big picture, not just the weight picture, and eat for your health. When you eat fresh food, drink fresh water and get exercise, you’ll feel healthier – physically, mentally and emotionally – and this will help keep you motivated to continue to eat well throughout your life.

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Share the Health is a Summer Education Series being held every Tuesday in June and July. The next talk will be Monica Gallardo presenting ‘Easy Release Techniques for Common Aches & Pains’ and will benefit the Covington Boys & Girls Club.

All Share the Health talks take place at Our Place Studio, located at 338 N. Vermont St. (corner of Vermont & Gibson). You can contact Liz for more information: 985.778.3448 and read more about Share the Health at: