This Week at the Farmers Market by Charlene LeJeune

Tabasco, the Covington Farmers Market mascot Roux-ster
Tabasco, the Covington Farmers Market mascot Roux-ster

Well, friends, another week has dawned and things are beginning to settle back into the school days routine – Monday follows Tuesday, football practice, baseball, ballet, piano lessons, cheerleading… Rushing around, bringing the kids to the activity of their choice doesn’t give you much time for creating a special meal. Then there’s the inevitable homework, baths, and bed. I’m exhausted just thinking about it! That doesn’t really sound “settled” does it? But it does sound like you probably need to take a break and have a delightful lunch at the Farmers’ Market. With all those places to go and things to do, you should probably pick up a few meals for home while you’re there.

Before you know it, Saturday will arrive with We 3 in the gazebo at 9:30. You’ll need a cup of coffee and one of those… OK, I’m not going there. I will let you decide for yourself. However, I’ll bet you can smell the fresh coffee calling you already? I don’t either…but it does make me wonder what international coffee Kevin will roast up for us this week – Brazilian, Peruvian, Jamaican, Ethiopian? Mmmm…now I can smell it. You’ll definitely want to be out there this week because Chef Austin Smith of PaStazz will serve Yard Egg Ravioli with Spinach and Rustic Tomato Sauce.

As you know, the season for fresh veggies is changing from summer to fall and each week will bring new fare to the tables as crops are harvested. Potatoes have been showing up and are so tasty with that just-picked goodness, whether baked or boiled. Toss with Mauthe’s butter and freshly chopped parsley (preferably from your garden) and mmmmm! One of James’ or John’s plump chickens will make the perfect entrée. Cut up and rub with Herbs and Spice’s BBQ Rub (or Blackening Spice) and grill or bake. Build the best meatloaf ever with grass finished beef from Justin or Jubilee Farms. Add pizzazz with any of Herbs and Spices seasonings that fit your mood – go exotic with the Moroccan Spice; or homey with Ranch dip; or Louisiana style with Cajun seasoning. I always add a tablespoon of Nur’s sundried tomato pesto to mine. It’s one of those secret ingredient things. Serve with one of Nanette’s lovely raw salads.

Too much cooking for you? Well, pass by Spanish R Us for pupusas or enchiladas, just heat and serve. Or stroll over to Hot Tamale Mama and try out those magnificent stuffed shells or her vegetarian tamales. Again – heat and eat. Perhaps a dinner with whole grain pasta (7Grain) topped with Tomato Blossoms & Mushroom Dreams Sauce (yours truly). Southy is sure to have a special soup du jour and it will always involve fresh-from-the-market ingredients. Don’t forget the bread – baguette, whole wheat, harvest grain – warmed in the oven and spread with fresh creamery butter (Mauthe’s), Vincent’s Skordalia, velvety chevre (Farmhouse Dairy), or a fruity jam or jelly (Robin or Althee). Angel’s awesome stuffed artichokes make a fantastic appetizer or a meal in itself.

Yes, the Market will be in full swing with all the good things you’ve come to know and love. Cheese and milk, pickled veggies and raw, honey, jams, jellies, eggs, plants, trees, mushrooms, herbs, kombucha, ice cream and cookies! Oh, yes. There’s a lot to be said for routine.

Lots of love,
Charlene LeJeune
Abundant Life Kitchen

The Covington Farmers’ Market is open each Wednesday, rain or shine, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Covington Trailhead, 419 N. New Hampshire and every Saturday from 8a.m. to 12p.m. on the side lawn of the Covington Police Station, 609 N. Columbia St. Call (985) 892-1873 for information or visit